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  1. Sale sale 2200 euro!!!!!
  2. Beautifull sounding. End please
  3. Nobody wants that beautiful bass?
  4. Bass labels are attached to the ones shown in the photos. A photo case is a case that was purchased new in a store. Case without FENDER logo.
  5. The bass is original, except for the potentiometers I replaced with the original CTS and a new swichcraft socket. I am the second owner since new. The first owner in the 90s replaced 2 volume potentiometers, so I had no problem with that to replace them with a new CTS now. In addition, I replaced the TONE potentiometer (the original 77 has). I will add the original TONE potentiometer to the bass. The capacitor, of course, is primary. Replacing potentiometers at a professional martch.pl luthier Everything else is original.
  6. Original packed new FENDER strings for bass guitar from the 1960s / 1970s
  7. Yes, that's a rare bass. In this combination, the maple on the fingerboard + the beautiful 3 TS on the body is a rarity.
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