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When a Thunderbird and a Flying V mate...


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Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between:
I proudly present the Brooks Thundervee.

A hybrid between a Thunderbird and a Flying V.

- Neck through with Korina body wings
- Nine ply Korina/mahogany neck
- Ebony faceplate on headstock
- Red Mahogany stain. Gloss transparent acrylic finish
- Rosewood fretboard 
- 23 Jumbo frets
- 34" scale
- Handcut Buffalo horn nut 
- Three ply black-white-black pickguard
- Wide travel Thunderbird bridge
- String through body ferrules
- Hipshot ultralite nickel plated tuners 
- Spokewheel double action trussrod
- 2 x Sixties repro Thunderbird pickups nickel. 9.2 K Ohm
- Di Marzio EP111 toggle switch 4PDT for serial mode
- 2 x Volume pot Bourns 500 kOhms logarithmic 
- 1 x Tone pot Bourns 500 kOhms logarithmic 
- Kemet capacitor 47 nF paper insulation
- DR FatBeams 45-105

Electronics circuit by BQ Music


Pics of the build process can be found here


This is what she sounds like:


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Incredible work! Sounds brilliant too.

I'm not a big Thunderbird fan but you've taken all the bits I do like and included them- recessed surfaces on the body wings/headstock, those massive pickups etc. Trussrod spoke-wheel cover is a nice touch too!

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Rob, your basses are consistently stunning!

It's so good to see so much Gibson in your designs with lots of nice additional touches, and the workmanship always seems top notch. And those finishes!

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