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  1. Hi all, I know it's an extremely long shot, but 'if you don't ask you don't get' and all that! I recently bought a Westone Spectrum DX bass and I love it to bits, however the knobs aren't original and as it's in such lovely nick I'm looking for a pair of the original black plastic, fluted, angled sides, white dot on top ones to make it as original as possible and satisfy my OCD. I've seen a couple on eBay lately bundled in with other Westone hardware but don't really fancy buying a set of hardware and then having to sell most of it on straight away... Drop me a message if you can help me out, would be massively appreciated! Cheers
  2. Sire Jazz Bass Problem

    Sounds like the front pickup has become disconnected..? Most likely be a single loose wire/dodgy connection on the back of the control plate, if you haven't already it'd be worth testing the pickups with the blend in the middle position by tapping the polepieces with a screwdriver/allen key- I'd expect there to be no sound from the front pickup on any setting if it has indeed become disconnected. If so, could be worth a look under the control plate for loose wires! Hope this helps.
  3. NBD

    Delightful! Always loved the sparkle finish on these.
  4. Upgrading an Aria STB Series bass

    Depends how much you like the Aria really! If it plays like an absolute dream and you're attached to it enough that -current pickups aside- you could keep it as your main bass for a few years then it's worth upgrading for sure. If not though you're better off putting the money towards a Squier, as new pickups won't add anything to the value of an Aria bass, and a new Squier would potentially be a much better bass overall.
  5. Fender P bass MM 2005

    I've not been particularly impressed with the 90's Mex Fender basses I've played, but I think the overall quality got gradually better after 2002 or so on the ones I've tried(massive generalisation based on personal experience alert). However the models made after the upgraded spec was introduced are in my experience in another league than the ones before- of all the Mexican Fenders I've played or owned the one I held onto was an '08/09... So, (in another sweeping generalisation thanks to Fender's notorious Q/C) a 2005'd likely be considerably better quality than a '95 whilst also noticeably not as good as a '15 model. Interesting thing is the prices don't seem to vary anywhere near as much as the quality, I'm a bit out of touch but a couple of years ago most secondhand MiM Standard Fender Ps used to sell for around £250-350, regardless of age or condition.
  6. P bass 50 quid v 1500

    Nice! I've played some amazing old cheapo P-copy basses over the years, had an 80's Kay Precision once that sounded glorious(and weighed a tonne). There's a lot of fun to be had for under £100 once you know what to look for!
  7. Should I refinish my '68 jazz??

    [quote name='guybrush threepwood' timestamp='1504285434' post='3363931'] I think a white pickguard will set it off - no refinishing needed! [/quote] +1! -Though that green does look rather Marmite, so otherwise option three if it still ain't your bag!
  8. [color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] Hi all, just throwing my hat in as available for dep/session work.[/font][/color] [color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] Having just left my band this week after several years spent fully professional, performing in venues ranging from tiny bars to the London Palladium, BBC TV/Radio, football stadiums, cruise ships and all points in between, I'm looking for a few gigs/sessions here and there to keep me ticking over.[/font][/color] [color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] I've strong stage presence and a massive repertoire of rock/pop/funk/soul etc, plus can pick up new arrangements, transpositions etc very quickly. Ca[font=inherit]n also provide backing vocals if required.[/font][/font][/color][color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] [font=inherit] Currently based in Manchester but also know Liverpool and the Northwest very well having spent years gigging around here, have a car so transport is no issue.[/font][font=inherit] I'm being a little bit picky at the moment- I don’t really want to commit to anything unpaid, long-term or overseas at this point, but I’ll gladly hear out any offers if there's anything going, just in case I really connect with something![/font] [font=inherit] Feel free to drop me a DM for more info, cheers![/font][/font][/color]
  9. Hohner 'The Jack' passive headless NO LONGER FOR SALE SORRY

    Hi, blimey I totally forgot about this one, stopped bumping the post in Jan 2014 and ended up keeping it- forgetting to mark this as unavailable... d'oh...
  10. EasyJet and Kala U-Bass

    I'm lucky enough to be doing a lot of travelling the world with my U-Bass as a guest entertainer on cruise ships at the moment and have first-hand experience of this! Flown with a good few airlines in the last year or so and unfortunately EasyJet are the only one that's ever had a problem with me taking my ubass as well as a backpack. This was enforced at the check-in desk(they asked us to show our hand-luggage to check it fit the rules before giving us our boarding passes) but I was able to purchase an upgrade- the flight was Manchester to Copenhagan so the upgrade was only £13 or so each for myself and our banjolele player to take our ukes as a second piece of hand luggage and be treated to about 5cm(if that haha) extra of legroom near the front of the plane... might that be on the day you can sneak it past them but otherwise it's probably worth the cash to not have to store it in the hold! Hope this helps, have a great trip!
  11. Gig Prices: What to Charge?

    Depends where you're based and what kind of stuff you play(original/covers, rock/jazz etc), but based on several years gigging professionally around Liverpool they do seem like bargain prices! Based on a typical covers band (at least one of the following; Mustang Sally, Walk Of Life, Sweet Home Alabama, Proud Mary on the setlist) in Liverpool, you'll ideally want £250-£300 for 2x45s, and £300-350 for 3 sets in a pub. Functions, it depends exactly what you're doing and who for, but generally for 2x45s at a private event you'll want at least £450 (extra money on top of pub prices to cover PAT testing/insurance etc). Then weddings you generally triple(or more!) the pub prices. A lot of people on both sides don't get why this happens, but the bottom line is on top of the PAT testing and insurance you're also being paid for the waiting time while the wedding inevitably runs over time and you're stood awkwardly at the side of the dancefloor for an hour while everyone cuts the cake etc. There are of course exceptions though, I remember being pretty much laughed out of a venue in Liverpool for charging £300 for 3 sets because 'there's a band from LIPA that'll do it for £120'... I had seen the band in question and they were extremely good, not to mention there were about 12 of them so a tenner each for three sets seemed ridiculous... undercharging 'because we love what we do' or for any other reason often costs everyone in the long run, unless it's a one-off 'taster' gig. Beware also of doing too many gigs cheap as favours though, or you'll be hit by the dreaded 'but you played at so-and-so's wedding for only £X so why are you quoting me £Y?'. (Sorry for getting a little preach-y, I'll get off me soapbox now!)
  12. Omega Music

    Resurrecting an old thread a bit here, but came across this just now and having bought from them before- absolutely, I've had several sets of U-Bass strings from them over the last couple of years. Always very fast postage, good prices, and their customer service is some of the best I've dealt with.
  13. Reducing neckdive?

    +1 for weighted cavity, but a decent wide strap will do the job
  14. Pyramid Ubass strings, anyone tried them?

    Very interesting stuff! I tried the ordinary Pyramid Rounds last year but they only lasted about 4 nights before the E-string snapped mid-set, I wasn't impressed! Acoustically they sounded great(if very buzzy) but plugged in the difference in volume was a bit extreme- the E was far too loud and the G far too quiet. I've been using Aquila Thunder Reds since, they feel closer to tape/flatwounds, much less sticky than Silver Rumblers or Thunderguts and there's none of the buzzing or snappage I had with the Pyramids!
  15. Can't say enough nice things about these, have a bump! GLWTS