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Mic stand screens

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Hi all,

We have had issues like a lot of people about playing and singing safely but I found a good way forward that now allows us

to start playing in our church again. Screens that attach to your mic stand using the mic clip. Very simple and very effective as you can see in the pics.

It can be attached using the centre position or left or right hand side, and using the mic stand boom I have an ipad strapped to it as well.

These are really well made are were invented by John, who is CEO of Scott Dixon inc, in Hull. Very approachable guy, you can have a chat with him if you want something

a bit different too. Their main business is making guitar cases designed to stay safe in WW3.

Just thought you might like to know...



screen 2.jpg

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It's a great idea, but I feel sad that we have to do things like this just to allow normal life to continue.


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Looks good, I’ll pass details to our worship leader.  At the moment we are using a drum box rather than the full kits at either venue, so the clear drum screens have been ‘recycled’ into a band and preacher screen.

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Thanks for the comments guys. It is sad that we have to go to these lengths to carry on playing

These screens aren't expensive for what they are.

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