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Sterling refinish

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This has been a while in the making, mostly due to work and enjoying the summer as much as through odd times

The paint in my metallic blue sterling was looking a bit tatty, so I figured one of the more classic colours was more my thing

so off came the paint, lots of preparation and into primer, then paint

But the grain was still very visible, so off came the paint and in went grain filler

it worked ok, but not as good as I would have liked, you don’t really see it until the paint goes on

on went primer, plenty of paint, then more paint and some sanding in between to get rid of a few gremlins and then on with the gloss clear coat

Its turned out ok, I like it, but wasn’t easy, learnt a few things along the way!

The spraying is the easy bit, sprayed many things in my time and can get a nice even finish! It’s the prep, getting it A1 before paint, a lot of things you don’t see until the paint is on

So here it is now, with the neck on for a week or so, then it will come off for final sanding and polish

I had a parchment pickgaurd made, but not sure now, think tort’ might work better with the black p/up, unless I can get a white p/up cover! But I have a few option now! 






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Feeling very pleased with myself this afternoon! 
still got to sort electrics, getting the jack socket in with the board is tricky, so turned to a glass of red wine and will revisit that one tomorrow! 


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Followed by clear gloss nitro laquer

light sanding and then a polish, didn’t take much as the paint went on really well

its not perfect but I am more than happy with it

i still have to get the wiring sorted, I put the bridge on without putting the ground wire through, doh! And the jack is tricky to fit, it needs to go in first and go right through the hole so the circuit board clears it, then it can be pushed back to the correct position

I’ve then got some soldering to do, hopefully up and running tonight with a fresh set of Dunlop super brights on it, which do work well on MM basses, in my opinion!



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