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SOLD mods please close - Squier 1983 JV Jazz (Japan)

Marc S

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Price drop: £770.

I need to thin the herd - especially as gigs are non-existent currently :(
Can't believe I'm doing this :o but as my Roadworn Jazz hasn't sold - I'm putting this superb JV Jazz up for sale. I only need one Jazz bass - as I usually gig one of my P basses (or my PJ)

I only took this bass in trade a short while ago, from a fellow BC member. It is in absolutely amazing condition for its' age - there's hardly a mark on it. Any slight dings are quite tricky to photograph. The Oly white has aged and yellowed very nicely :) Moreover, the bass feels and sounds absolutely amazing - it's the best sounding passive Jazz I've ever owned or even played. I put it through my main bands' PA some weeks back, and it blew me away. The neck just feels really comfortable to play too - slimmer than my Roadworn Jazz and either of the two US Jazzes I owned. Not perhaps as slim as a MIJ Reissue that I once recall playing.... It also just "feels" so silky smooth & comfortable....
Strung with Flats (which has become my penchant) - I can let you have the nearly brand new rounds that came with the bass

My only slight "issue" is that the bass weighs 4.5 Kg according to my digital scales (they seem accurate enough) - which is half a kilo more than my RW. That's not a huge difference, I know... except to my ageing shoulders ;)

I don't want to post this bass, so COLLECTION / MEET UP only - I've got a nice Bose battery powered PA and amp headphones so you can hear it. (once local lockdown in Cardiff is over!) No Trades Please - I'm only selling to thin the herd.












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Just replying to my own thread here, to say we're in Local lockdown in South Wales, and it looks likely that we'll go into full lockdown in the very near future
So it may be difficult, nay impossible to hand this bass over to any prospective buyer in the coming fortnight or so - however, that's still my preferred method of delivery atm

sorry.... I don't mind posting a 2 or 300 quid instrument but not a classic like this one

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Thanks Marc, there is one on here (for more than yours) which has been refinished and which is ash apparently but I think that is less usual than whatever the other woods they used were...but I may be wrong...its hard to tell from looking at the neck pocket but that might be the only way to tell short of stripping the finish etc...

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Just putting this out there, I realise the marketplace is quite slow atm, and very understandably so....

In light of this, even though I previously said "No trades" - I've decided to add a possible one - if you have a Status, like the one he plays here in his video of Kirsty MacColl's "Walking Down Maddison" and "Days". (Or if you have something of very similar size / design / weight)

I know I also said "5 strings aren't for me" but I think I should maybe persist and have another go ;)  especially if it's something so neat & compact.
So if you've got a Status like Guy's (sorry I don't know the Model) or something really similar, I might consider a trade, obviously with cash your way, if it's as valuable as Guy's bass

EDIT: I also realise this is not something that's that much of a possibility! lol - I'm just putting it out there

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