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Aguilar DB680+QSC PLX31000, to be sold, then new amp found.


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You may miss the slam you get from a big power amp and pre combination if you get something like a TH or similar mini head. Why not keep the Aggie pre' (which is a nice bit of kit) and look for a lightweight power amp - Lab Gruppen or similar? eBay often has Martin power amps (which are re-branded Labs) selling used for not too much money. I picked one up to use with my PA monitors not so long ago.

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I sold my PLX2402 and replaced it with a lighter weight Crown XLS1502 which is a great sounding amp and much much lighter which encourages me to use that rack more. But...... of the two I prefer the sound of the QSC amp with my rig and bass but compromise had to be made so that I could use my rack more often. I have toyed with the idea of finding a QSC PLX amp again. Who knows.


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Hi, Lfalex, it’s the weight that’s the issue. I’m selling both and I’m looking for a single unit amp. Booth come in at just over 40lbs.

Make no mistake, together, at 4 ohmns, it’s 3100 clean watts, going into either the Tech Soundsystems 6x10”, or the Glock cab. 



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Hmm. They're both 2u, right?

Are they in a 4u case? If so, have you considered putting them into 2x2u cases for easier handling? 

I have used all sorts of tricks to shift stuff around. I did half a mile across Camden with a 2x10, 1x15 and head cargo-strapped to a nylon dolly board with my bass on my back.

There's got to be a better way than selling such a good pair of amps and effectively "trading down" to (just) a head. Unless 3.1KW really is too much and they really are too heavy!


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The DB680 is *fantastic*, but very heavy in its own right...

the Warwick Hellborg Pre is almost it’s equal. ..If not it’s actual equal  (I’ve got both)
It’s light, ...more reliable (being SS) and only 1u.

ok  that’s your pre sorted. ;)


When I use that system I pair the Hellborg Pre with a Powersoft 3002, but that’s very heavy.

i dunno really what’s a good but light power amp.    I’ve got a couple of Peavey IPR1600’s which are easily 1 finger liftable.   Preposterously lightweight, but I only used them on a foldback system, so I can’t vouch for the sound on bass.

sticking with separates but going lighter would mean you can change out the power section if you’re unhappy.
And if you’re a fan of the DB680 check out the Hellborg.  You won’t regret it I’m sure.   There was a used one going on here quite cheap.   Dunno if it sold...



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