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Marky Screen

*Please delete* Orange Terror Bass MK1 500w with gig bag inc. UK postage

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Orange Terror Bass MK1

Great tube pre/ss power head. Full of hairy grindy, tubey goodness and crazy loud for the power rating.

Full 500w at either 4 or 8 Ohm switchable.

a bit of cosmetic wear but otherwise good.

Price includes UK postage.







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47 minutes ago, pbasspecial said:

Fantastic little amps. Probably the one I regret selling the most. 

Don't Paul. I'm now regretting it before I've sold it 😂 I probably should keep it but trying to be sensible with no gigs blah blah blah.....

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9 hours ago, pbasspecial said:

Fantastic little amps. Probably the one I regret selling the most. 

Yep. Same here. 

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On 14/09/2020 at 13:51, pbasspecial said:

Fantastic little amps. Probably the one I regret selling the most. 

Yup me too... I'll own another some day... 

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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So I am pondering on maybe getting myself a proper bass amp here coming the 1st of November, next month, since I am currently just using the poweramp section of my 160W Peavey Solo Special 112 guitar combo, with the build in 12" guitar speaker unit disconnected and the amp instead hooked up with a 4Ohm, 400W, SWR Triad I bass cab with 1x15 + 1x10" + tweeter horn, and even if I actually really like that tone that gives me I just absolutely love the classic Trace Elliot tone, once having owned a 1x15" 130W GP7SM combo that I was very very fond of, and kind of regret selling.
      So the question is, should I get the extremely tiny and light weight, relatively new, 200W Trace Elliot ELF amp head, which I will buy from brand new, or get the used, relatively old, and quite heavy, 300W GP7SM amp head, that is currently for sale for just about the same price as I can get a new ELF?
      I would appreciate arguments for and against, beside the obvious advantages the ELF got size and weight wise, making it extremely easy to transport, unlike the old GP7SM head, that I know will be quite heavy.
      Like would there be any obvious noticeable difference in the tone they respectively produce when set flat and not using the pre-shape of the GP7SM head (which I will definitely not be using anyway, hate mid scooped tones).
      What would you chose and why?
      And what would I lose getting one over the other, beside the obvious warranty, ease of transportation, less EQ tweaking options, lack of pre-shape functions (which, as said, I won't have any use for anyway), and 100W less power, of the ELF?
      Or should I rather, since I am actually quite satisfied with the tone I get now from the Peavey, which also got plenty of enough power for my use, forget about the temptation of getting a Trace Elliot amp in my possession again, and instead use my money on some new effect pedals that I also have cravings for?
    • By onehappybunny
      Great amp in excellent condition for only £300. Incredibly powerful, rich and punchy sound that is in total contrast to its size and weight.  Works really well with my TKS cabs (also for sale separately) for a powerful, lightweight rig. 
      Mainly used for rehearsals and practice at home (the footswitch is still in its bag unused!).  
      Discussed extensively here: 
      Any questions please ask. Collection from near Guildford preferred, but can post if needed.   

    • By Marky Screen
      Putting my backup head up for grabs as chances of gigging at all this year are diminishing 😥
      Tiny (1.6kg), 300w @4ohm it's got enough juice to get you through most small/medium gigs. Usual markbass EQ minus the filters.
      Comes with box, power lead, manual etc.
      It's only been used a handle full of times in the studio as I never needed it on a gig yet.
      Price includes UK postage

    • By MiltyG565
      Hi all
      I'm selling my Ashdown ABM400H head unit. This is a very early model from Ashdown's history, and was originally a rack mounted head, but the rack ears are now missing. I've had the amp for about 10 years, and I used it with a home-built bass cab, both of which I obtained from another forum user. It's a great little amp, I used it at many practices over a period of years, but unfortunately, much like the SWR, it has sat unused for a number of years now in the spare room.
      It features a valve preamp, with post-preamp DI on the face, an effects loop on the back. Delivering 400 Watts of warm bass, middy-burbles, and clear highs. The EQ on the front really couldn't offer much more in the way of allowing you to dial in whatever sound you like, effectively having high and low pass filters, with the frequency-specific faders, and a 3-band EQ. Unfortunately I can't offer a demo for this one, but I'm more than happy to have the performance of the amp validated by a professional prior to completion of sale.
      The case and carry strap will be included with the sale, however it seems the kettle lead is no longer in the box. I can seek to get one prior to completion of sale too at your request.
      Some pics and videos below.

      IMG_1123.MOV IMG_1122.MOV  

    • By matthewkeyss
      Hi Guys 
      I am selling a 2 channel Aguilar AG500 amp head. It is in pretty nice condition, and comes with the pictured case, power cable and also the channel footswitch. 
      Collection from Maidstone, Kent. Until the 5th February, I can possibly sort out postage within the UK at buyers expense (courier and packaging). 
      You can contact me on here, or by mobile at +44 seven 429 58812 six. 
      P.s. I have been locked out of my old basschat account but can be found here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/11275-matthewkeys/

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