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1997 Modulus Flea *SOLD*

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*on hold"*

Afternoon all,

I thought the day would never come, but my desire for a Wal is starting to get silly. This will fund the deposit!

Here we have a 1997 Modulus Flea Bass, in silver sparkle finish that really 'pops' under stage lighting. It has an original Lane Poor humbucker fitted, mated to the Bartolini NTBT 2-band 9v preamp with the Gotoh bridge.

As far as Flea basses go, this is a rare bird as the earlier Fleas like this have a thinner, even faster neck (as no truss rod), the Flea 'grin' logo on the headstock (97-00) and roller string trees. 

Weight is about 9lbs, definitely lighter than its previous Fender Marcus Miller stablemate at 9lbs 5oz(I will weigh it shortly for a more accurate reading).

I have had nothing but endless incredible comments playing this bass live, a soundman at a fairly large festival last year even remarked that it was "the best sounding bass he had ever worked with"

If you don't know what these sound like, then allow me to elaborate. Punch, clarity, full range, crystalline tone with a filthy mid-range that punches through a mix like nothing you've ever heard.

Due to the graphite neck and high quality tuners it never goes out of tune on stage in summer or winter.

If you want to do the whole Flea thing, it doesn't get any closer than this although that does the bass a disservice as they're superb for any genre, I used it on a Motown gig with the treble rolled off and it did smooth, fat tones with ease.

Neck is dead straight and buzz and rattle free.

Cons ;

As seems to be the case with a lot of older Moduli, the poly finish has aged giving the bass a yellowy, patchy tint from certain angles, although it's impossible to see under the lights of a stage. By all accounts, on Talkbass, a lot of owners have had success with using a cutting compound and buffing this out. 

There is also a tiny lacquer crack at the corner of the neck pocket. It's miniscule however and barely noticeable.

It is a 23 year old bass that has been played, so it has a few nicks here and there but is otherwise in great condition for its age. The neck is surprisingly clean on the back and doesn't exhibit the usual Modulus neck coating chips.

Comes with branded Modulus hard case.

A firm £2400 for this. It's value is only going one way.

No trades.

NO SHIPPING. Collection preferred but as always, I'm prepared to drive/meet up within a large radius UK wise.














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Great bass, I've exactly the same. Cuts through like nothing else I've played.

If this was the blue or purple version I'd be paying you now!

GLWTS, it won't be here long at that price.

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1 hour ago, axelines said:

MP sent

Which one have you lined up to do a Dominic Cummings?

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    • By 40hz
      I've had a lot of trade offers and cash offers so just to reiterate my point within the advert ;
      *NO OFFERS*
      *NO TRADES*
      Here we have my 2004 Modulus Flea in Blue Flake. Seymour Duncan Pickup and Bartolini NTBT 2-band preamp.
      New car is prompting sale. (Bang goes my Wal deposit!)
      Condition I'd rate as 8/10. A few barely noticeable dings in the finish, worse of which is a (filled in) chip near the jack socket. There is the usual lacquer crack at neck joint, but is just in the finish and is not structural. (All 3 of my Fleas have had this).
      Neck is straight and unmarked, strings are fairly new. Frets are superb.
      Can be seen and heard in action on my YouTube channel here ;
      Comes with branded Modulus hardcase.
      Strictly no offers. No trades.
      Collection preferred or will travel a pretty large radius to myself here near Stratford-Upon-Avon to facilitate pickup for small fuel contribution.
      Will NOT ship as I would want any prospective buyer to view a bass of this value first to ensure they are happy and to avoid any courier mishaps.
      Thanks for looking



    • By police squad
      I have decided, after much thought, to finally let my Fender Flea bass go. I bought it four years ago, gigged it a lot for the next couple of years, you can see the wear from where my wrist rested on the upper bit.
      Also the paint is wearing through to the primer along the top edge but it's very hard to see. I have also changed one grub screw in the bottom E saddle as it had rusted up . I have the original grub screw too.
      There is the original gig bag and case candy
      Those that have these, know what a great sound comes from them. The 1964 pickups really sound ace. That jazz bass 'fizz' from the neck pickup, the honk from the bridge.
      It sits in my office, waiting for me to have a noodle on it at lunchtimes, it's been great to play at work. Nice and light too at 3.9kg or 8 pounds and 8 ounces, measured on my digital works scales.
      But in all realities I'm just not going to use it anymore unless I turn it into a Sting Jazz (which I'm not)
      I am just a P bass fan. 
      I can ship (UK only) via DPD courier, you can collect , have a cuppa and a natter all things bass
      I work in Folkestone, Kent and live in Deal.
      Any questions, fire away
      I'm not looking for any trades, I'm just trying to thin the herd

    • By andytoad
      Continuing the money raising for house moves and separation....

      Is my rather nice Status series 2 headed 5 string with status hardcase.

      It is currently strung with flats, but i can order something else and fit if the new owner prefers.
      Book-matched maple facing
      Mahogany wings with walnut centre 'tone block'
      Satin finish

      5-string woven graphite through-neck &
      Dual-action truss-rod. 24 frets with Phenolic fingerboard. 

      The bridge spacing is 72mm centre of the B string to centre of the G string
      The nut spacing is 39mm B string centre to G string centre

      It has a bolt on Status C neck made of graphite, but it has the middle area profile slightly flattened, so a bit like taking a C neck and shaving the profile flatter. 
      Gold hardware
      Mono-rail bridge units
      Standard 19mm string spacing
      2 Status soap-bar pickups with three-band E.Q.
      Variable midrange frequency, master volume, pickup blend control &18 volt power supply

      A great bass to be sure for the next owner.
      I can be a little flexible on price within reason, pickup, play and a cuppa preferred, but can ship at the buyers expense and risk.

    • By Raziellion
      Superb and rare Status S2 n°41 from the 80's, in very good condition for its age.
      The praise for this bass is well established, the legendary Status sound!
      It is a real collector's item with some marks on the gloss.
      Weight: 4.35 kg


      - Carbon graphite/composite through-neck
      - Phenolic fingerboard, 24 fret
      - Scale length 34-inch scale
      - Total nut width 48mm (string spacing at nut 10mm)
      - String spacing at bridge 15mm
      - Walnut top, mahogany core
      - 2 x Status Hyperactive pickups
      - 3-band active EQ
      - Controls: Volume, Pick-Up Balance, Treble cut/boost, Bass cut/boost, active/passive switch
      - 2 x 9V battery in quick-release compartment to rear
      - Hard case
      - New Rotosound 66 Swing Bass 40 - 125 strings

      Open to exchanges, I will study all proposals.



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