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HI, from Kolkata India

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Hello everyone, I found out the website while looking for patch ideas for my Zoom B1x4. I just bought it recently just before corona struck and don't really have a complete idea of how to get the sound I would want to get (Somewhere between Alex Webster and John Campbell). Got some different alternatives though.
Anyways, I have been playing for around 3 years now and yesterday (17th May) was the anniversary. My first bass was a Hertz P bass and now I play an Ibanez SR300 IPT and a Cort Action V Plus DLX (5 string). From the tone I am trying to get, I guess it's easy to understand that I am mostly into metal but I do love Rock n Roll as well.

I play in two bands as of now,

The Brutal Void- Melodic Death Metal and,

Pockets of Resistance- Alternative Groove Metal.

Will it be okay if I paste links of some of our songs in the reply section?

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Not exactly my playing videos (I would definitely post my videos in the thread you mentioned, actually I hadn't thought likewise) but I was talking about my band's songs in general.

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Good afternoon, SS, and ...


Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. rWNVV2D.gif

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    • By ladze
      Up for sale is my really exceptional bass US Lakland 44-64 PJ with the Jazz bass neck profile (nut 1.5" = 38mm).
      Serial number BG20 means that is the first year of Bob Glaub - 44-64 production (2001) and it is supposed to be the first PJ in the US Lakland production history.
      Alder body, maple neck in quarter-sawn cut (I have never seen such a nice and even cut), rosewood fingerboard, Lake Placid Blue colour, Lindy Fralin pickups, Hipshot tuning machines and special designed bridge with two options of strings installation - "through body" and classic "on bridge", Elixir nickel wound strings, original pickup cover and GATOR foam case included.
      Weight 4,3kg. There are couple of scratches and dings on the body but the bass is in great condition at all. This bass sounds really amazing!!!

      More photos on request. Please - no trade offers!
      Shipping to UK or EU included.











    • By foya
      Are you looking for a cool vintage looking Precision,  with a great sound and a reasonable price??
      here it is...
      Directly from the early eighties... Fernandes Precision copy..  
      bass is original.. except for recently passive wiring with Cts pot and new jack
      the bass is in great shape and sounds really good, seems to play a Squier JV from same years.
      neck is stable and action is good.
      original vintage reverse tuners and bridge 
      the bass was played a lot and is a little relics 
      I'm from Italy and i can ship ( we can negotiate the shippings)
      sorry but no trades!!

    • By d_g
      Hi guys
      My name is Dan Giles and I'm offering lockdown friendly Skype/Zoom/Facetime lessons to electric and double bass players. All you need is your instrument, your laptop/tablet/phone and an internet connection. I've been teaching for over ten years and can cover all areas, from technique and reading to gear, professional advice and music school prep. My Skype is fully set up with Loopback so I can play you songs, DI my bass, send you a click etc and also you are welcome to record the lessons to watch back in your own time.
      Most of my work is playing for shows and musicals - I recently did the UK Tour of Priscilla Queen of The Desert and I am also a dep on a few West End shows. Additionally I'm an Overwater Artist, do studio sessions and play for a few artists - so with the current lockdown I have found myself with plenty of free time and space for more lessons than usual! 
      I offer everyone a free starter lesson to make sure Skype is all set up properly and find out exactly what I can help you with - there's no obligation that have any more lessons after that. I offer 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute lessons charged at £40/hour with discounts available for booking multiple lessons.
      To find out more about me/my CV/my work have a look at the website here DanGilesMusic.co.uk 
      To find out more about how my Skype lessons work check out my SkypeBassLesssons.co.uk website.
      If you have any questions or what to book in just let me know by messaging on here or using my contact details below!
      Hope to hear from you, cheers.
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 07783 966 128
    • By TBBassist2011
      Hi all, 
      SALE PRICE: 600, 500 - FINAL PRICE BUMP. 
      TRADE ITEMS: Looking for interesting jazz basses - Fernandes/Greco/Tokai/any Fujijen or any 70s bridge pickup position jazz basses. Maple fretboard preferred!
      I'm listing my Warwick RockBass Star Bass 5 String for sale or for trade for particular items! I'm not quite sure the value of the RockBass model currently, but I'm aware of recent listings, as well as the basses value new from Andertons and Thomann etc. I bought the bass last year from someone who had looked after the bass very well, and hadn't had chance to gig the bass. I'd bought it for a country project, but it didn't work out, and in the end never got gigged - as such, it's been sat in my studio for the past 12 months untouched, mainly in it's hard case. It had fresh strings and a set up at the time, and of course has been kept well at the studio. The only damage to report was made by the previous owner, and is on the lower heel right at the top. It is a very very small paint chip, but of course is worth mentioning. 
      In the current situation, contact-less pickup is of course accepted, or I can courier this, although I don't have a hard case I can provide for this. 
      The bass works and sounds perfect, electronics are in order and plays great. 

    • By alzamatt
      Some Tim's sign , using at home to record
      Final price 650€ +shipping not included
      Real deep and Cristal sound impressive recording with 

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