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Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar

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I was wondering about buying a medium scale bass and after a quite deep research I ended up considering the purchase of this bass.


I found a nice review on youtube about this model but I have some precise questions for who own or have tried one on this forum:
- how is the balance? Does it suffer of neck diving issues?
- how low can be the action adjusted? how is the fretwork? how low can the bridge adjusted? (in many fender basses you have to put a shim under the neck to obtain a very low action)
- since it is a low end bass, what seem to be the critical points? (tuners, fretwork....)
- how are the frets? (i mean the dimensions, the fender website says "narrow tall")
- (less relevant) can the pickguard be removed or the electric cables are "exposed"?

Thank you to everyone will answer!

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Funny.. The CV Jag popped up on my radar yesterday. I knew there was one but I only just noticed that they're medium scale. This makes me interested!

I'd love a medium scale P with a full size body. This comes close.

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I have one of these, it's great. Although I'm not a fan of the 60s style stacked knobs, it's a really nice touch, the build quality is top notch as far as I can see (the same cannot be said for the Starcaster I got at the same time, which had awful fret sprout). 

Weight wise, I havent weighed it, so all I can really say is it weighs what I expect a "regular" bass to weigh. When I pick it off the wall hanger I go "urgh" a little bit unlike something like a hofner. It's probably heavier than my Mustang, but it's also bigger. 

It's a breeze to play, but not as breezy as my Mustang, having said that, it sounds like a full scale bass to me. I love all my short scale basses, but there is a certain, I guess, Depth to the low end that is greater on long scale basses. 



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4 hours ago, deadline said:

Thanks a lot for this post, getting the bass today. Btw, is the neck _very_ sticky @Dosi Y'Anarchy?

Not that I noticed, but it is a gloss finish. To be honest I only use the bass for my review videos so I only tend to pick it up once a week as it's more of a common setup compared to my Gibson or mustang. 

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