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  1. I was wondering about buying a medium scale bass and after a quite deep research I ended up considering the purchase of this bass. https://shop.fender.com/it-IT/squier-electric-basses/jaguar-bass/classic-vibe-jaguar-bass/0374560500.html?rl=en_US I found a nice review on youtube about this model but I have some precise questions for who own or have tried one on this forum: - how is the balance? Does it suffer of neck diving issues? - how low can be the action adjusted? how is the fretwork? how low can the bridge adjusted? (in many fender basses you have to put a shim under the neck to obtain a very low action) - since it is a low end bass, what seem to be the critical points? (tuners, fretwork....) - how are the frets? (i mean the dimensions, the fender website says "narrow tall") - (less relevant) can the pickguard be removed or the electric cables are "exposed"? Thank you to everyone will answer! Cheers!
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