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  1. Much appreciated, thank you!
  2. Thx, but isn't that wood only used in the TT models?
  3. I am getting a Sandberg California VS passive built for me this year. Have gotten a quote on a specimen with an Electra neck shape (37 mm), and the upcharge for that wasn't too bad. Thing is, Thomann has quoted me two different prices when it comes to choice of wood. Alder and European Ash, with ash being more expensive. I want the bass to be as light as possible, but which wood should I choose? Thanks!
  4. Bought a VVT passive setup for my Warwick. Top quality, and a really nice person to do business with. Will totally shop again! Thank you!
  5. Just received my loom for a passive VVT Jazz type Warwick Streamer. 12/10!

    1. SpondonBassed


      That's got to be worth putting in Feedback for KiOgon.

    2. deadline


      Thanks, didn’t know about that thread. Appreciated :)

  6. It seems the only functionality for the scratched layer is being 'sweat proof'. I'll keep em.
  7. Hi! I just received a set of these pickups, but the epoxy on top of one pickup has scratched away a little. The store is sold out for these pickups, so can't replace it. They have offered me two options: 1. Return and refund 2. Keep and get a 50 % refund Is this a no-brainer and I should just don't worry about the epoxy and get the 50 % cash return, or should I get a full return and look elsewhere for new pickups?
  8. Hi I just purchased a German Warwick Streamer CV4, and it is the best bass guitar I ever owned when it comes to build quality, materials and playability. Only problem is that the passive MEC pickups and passive 2-tone passive electronics leaves a little to be desired. I must say I am huge fan of fat and burpy jazz bass tones, so looking for some _hum cancelling_ pickups that can help me achieve that goal. I also need a passive harness made, and have an idea: The Streamer has four pot holes, but I will plug one of them, leaving me with 3 holes. Would this wiring from Dingwall be feasible, and are there any pickups that would be suited to that kind of thing? I know that series are somewhat louder, is there a way to remedy that or should I not be concerned? Any help would be more than welcome!
  9. NBD! I just received this German made Warwick Streamer CV4, and I couldn't be happier. Built like a tank, and the quality is flawless. Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and swamp ash body, gives a total weight of 7.5 lbs. Light as a feather. Easily the best instrument I have ever owned, and extremely comfortable to play on! I replaced the tuners for hipshots (always do), and I want to change the passive MECs in the not-to-distant future. This I knew beforehand, but I would love to get some recommendations of which pups to choose. The passive 2-band electronics might also be changed to an active preamp. But that is questions for another thread.
  10. Oooh, I love that color! Quite similar to Sonic Blue. Wow, that is maybe the prettiest bass I have ever seen, and the light blue combined with a dark fingerboard is sick!
  11. Thanks! Do you reckon. a slightly scaled down body would work with the 34" I also don't like paddle oar bass bodies 😛
  12. Thanks! It seems there is not so much sculpting where your right arm goes, is that an issue?
  13. Hi! How is the body on a Jake 4 bass, compared to an original Precision? Same thickness or thinner?
  14. How is the weight on the newer California VM 4-strings? Do they fluctuate wildly, or is it quite consistent? I'm considering getting them to build one with Electra dimension neck, but afraid I end up with an anchor. Reason I ask is that I see a lot of different weights being thrown around when people show their basses.
  15. Ah, this makes sense to me, as I looked to much at just the visuals instead of considering the certain 'je ne sais quoi' that older/well worn instruments tend to have. Thanks, much appreciated!
  16. I really don't get this relic thing. it's not meant as criticism, but why would I want a brand new bass that looks like it's been part of the Sex Pistols US tour back in '77? Can someone enlighten me please?
  17. I got this lovely bass a couple of weeks ago, and changed to EMG pickup and preamp last weekend. What can I say, the bass is super light, and extremely comfortable to play on. Well balanced, and the workmanship is easily on par with way more expensive basses. It also have this je ne sais quoi feeling that I really enjoy, it booms from the bottom so to speak. I know that doesn't make sense, but it is how I feel it. It also sounds like an EMG equipped Stingray, as in this video. If you are in market for a Sterling-esque bass, I (and doggo) will totally recommend this one!
  18. Hi! I'm looking for a set of high quality plastic bass knobs with marker. Have checked everywhere I know about, but no luck. Any of you lot can help me? Photo for illustration. EDIT; forgot to check this forum Thanks!
  19. Lovely bass, and considering getting one. Could you please tell me how much it weights? Thanks! ❤️
  20. Bought a 9/10 used Sanberg Electra yesterday, and I really like it. Neck is one of the best I've tried, it's fairly lightweight and plays like a dream. It is even a little customised; the volume knob has gotten a push/pull for bypassing preamp. My only gripe is that I would like to replace the tuners for something lighter, but which Hipshot ultralights should I go for? 3/8 or 1/5?
  21. Awesome suggestion, thank you so much! And, btw - I love Quo! ❤️
  22. Hi! I want to take my practice sessions to the next levels, and need to find an online source for backing tracks. I need a mixing functionality so I can remove bass, and preferably without vocals. Is there a preferred platform you guys use, as googling gave me a zillion results? Thanks!
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