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Yamaha RBX 775
Broadstone, Dorset

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Now £250

Hey everyone, I'm selling this lovely Yamaha RBX 775 bass. I believe it's somewhere between 15 and 20 years old. Still in good working order, with a few cosmetic dings here and there.

5 string

35" scale 

24 Frets

1 11/16" nut width

23.6" radius

Two active humbuckers

The controls are, master volume, master tone, pickup selector switch, and a boost switch. 

It's a really massive sounding bass. It has loads of sustain, and the pickups have a lots of output and really cut through. I'm not a five string guy at all, but I do think the low B really holds up on the bass compared to some others I've tried. It sounds nicely balanced with the other strings. A nice not-too-expensive bass for those maybe looking to dip their toes into the five string world. 

Sadly I don't have a case for this one, so it'll be collection only from Broadstone please. You are of course welcome to come by and plug it in to hear it, after this whole lockdown fiasco is over.

Any questions drop me a message. Thanks!












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If I didn't have 2 already (one defretted) I would be on this. Absolutely killer rock tone and i've had mine since 2004. Never to be sold.

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2 hours ago, fluffo said:

Any trades

Thank you but just straight sale please. 

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My first ever bass was a 774. Such a great instrument - I was very lucky!

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