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7 minutes ago, Paul S said:

Strangely enough there were 3 of us coppers who had ME at the same time.  One died, one is still badly afflicted and it pretty much dominates her life.  I was the lucky one.  I can't get those years back but, on the plus side, I have a very different outlook on life now.

Your doctors name wasn't Smith from East Tilbury, by chance?


No, sadly he passed away many years ago. A guy called Dr Adams. Best consultant I'd ever had. I had previously been at another hospital when it started. The ME played merry hell with my diabetic control meaning that I literally needed 3-4 times the amount of insulin as I used before to stay stable (which is insane and makes no sense - unless you have ME...). I've always been very careful with the diabetes and controlled it tightly so it was the last straw when I went to chat to the old consultant about it and ask for advice he looked me and just said, "Well if you're going to sit at home all day pigging out on Mars Bars and lying to me about it then there's nothing I can do about it, is there?"

I went straight back to my GP's surgery, said what the consultant had said and demanded to be transferred to another hospital. Ended up with Dr Adams... He diagnosed the ME and treated and supported me through it. Best possible result ever in hindsight! Still think the previous consultant was an absolute [expletive deleted], though.

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Just now, NancyJohnson said:

Consider it done.


Super, I'll delete mine!

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52 minutes ago, Dov65 said:

@TrevorR aye m8 it's Bifab Methil yard, currently very quiet. Have you been ?

Not myself, but a member of my team, who’s based in Aberdeen, works closely with Scottish Govt and Department for International Trade trying to get developers to place contracts in the UK and has been there many times. Recognised the layout of the sheds... it’s been a really tough period for all the yards with the downturn in the O&G sector, the fall in the costs of offshore wind and the competition from overseas fabricators.

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