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Rob MacKillop

Lipstick pickup replacements for Danelectro Longhorn

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I love my Danelectro Dead on 58 Longhorn. It has a neck I just LOVE playing on. But the pickups are too weak - I have to put the amp volume up much higher than with any other bass. Also, the tone and volume controls are laughable, very difficult to hear any difference no matter how much you turn them round. 

So, I need new pups and a new harness. I would even consider ditching the tone/volume controls for more regular stacked ones. Any thoughts? I tend to play clean and warm tones, not overdriven. 

Edit: I also play with Rotosound Black Tapewounds. 



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11 hours ago, Rob MacKillop said:

Not a pedal fan, but thanks for the suggestion. 

Think of it as an amp extension!  I put mine on top of my amp and run a patch lead from pedal to amp.

A used pedal will cost you less than new pups, with the added bonuses of a quality DI, drive feature if you want to add a bit of dirt and you can plug in any bass.  

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22 hours ago, Beer of the Bass said:

They're in the guitar pickups section of the website, but Guitarfetish have hotter-output lipstick pickups with the Danelectro style mounting brackets.

This ^


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