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  1. WTB Headphones - suggestions?

    Well, I went to the Sennheiser refurb site - http://en-uk.sennheiser.com/outlet - and bagged a pair of HD 599's which were half price. They're on their way from Ireland. Very much looking forward to trying them out. I'll be using them for a mixture of recording and general listening. Thanks for the comments! Appreciated.
  2. WTB Headphones - suggestions?

    Good post, Cameron. I'll give that some thought, and look around. I never thought of refurbished headphones.
  3. WTB Headphones - suggestions?

    Budget: up to £150 I listen mostly to jazz and classical, not pop or rock. Looking for headphones that don't colour the sound, but still have a warm, clear bass register. Any ideas?
  4. Advice on recording, please...

    It dawned on me that all I need to do is go straight from the bass into the Fostex using the split jack cable. Problem solved. Glad no one lost any sleep over that
  5. Soundcloud's demise is apparently imminent.

    Last minute reprieve. It lives on, after £135m investment.
  6. Advice on recording, please...

    Thanks, "Dad"!
  7. Advice on recording, please...

    I've just realised I could put headphones into the amp while recording, which would cut the sound from the speaker, allowing me to turn the Master up full without breaking any windows....
  8. Advice on recording, please...

    I'm playing my bass through a Phil Jones Double 4, using a mono line out, the cable split into two mono lines going into a Fostex FR2LE hard disk sound recorder. It works, and the sound is not bad, however it is very quiet. There isn't any way to up the output volume from the amp, other than turn the Master up and play loud. I'd rather not do that. I upload the sound file to my laptop, and in Wavelab bring up the volume to an acceptable level, and add a little reverb. But I think it would be better if the Line Out volume was higher in the first instance. I also have a Phil Jones Bass Buddy somewhere in the house. I wonder if that could be utilised in some way? Another solution would be to use the mic I have, a Rode NT4 stereo mic, in front of the amp speaker. I've never recorded the bass before, and wonder how to get the best out of the equipment I have? Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  9. Short scale. Hmmmm.

    My Danelectro Black Longhorn Dead On 58 (what a name!) is short sale, 30.5, but has extra frets, which somehow give the impression you are playing standard scale. I love playing this bass, though the controls don't seem to do much...
  10. Looking for fretless 5-string under £900

    After a couple of days playing, I've come to appreciate the low action, and the strings are beginning to feel better under my fingers - they seem to need to be played in for a while before giving their best. I'm still impressed with the quality for the price, and recommend this bass.
  11. Looking for fretless 5-string under £900

    Well, it arrived safely half an hour ago, and I've been playing it through my only bass amp, a Phil Jones Double Four. First impressions are favourable. For the price point it is very well made, no rough work anywhere, everything works. It's very light, which to this 58-year old is no bad thing. The strings are flatwound Chromes, I think - a little on the thin side for me. I've been playing with Rotosound tapewound strings on my Danelectro, and might purchase a set for the Ibanez. The sound is good, closer to acoustic bass than to Jaco, which I'm happy about (l love Jaco, but don't want to go there). It has some mwah, but only if you let it. So, my initial impressions of the sound and playability are positive. What I'm a bit perplexed about are the dark lines - when I'm playing I can't see them. Also, apart from the side dots, which align with the black fret lines, there are onboard position markers, which do not align with anything useful. I can't see them either, when I'm playing! Even when I push my neck out and take a look at the fretboard, the E string hides them. Now, I'm not too bothered, as the side dots are all I require, but it does make me think that all the work that has gone into the lines and dots are a waste of time and money. What's the point of visual aids if you can't see them?! I'll change the strings and raise the action a millimetre, then I think I will be very happy. Again, for the price point it is a bargain. It's certainly a gigable instrument. My intention is to use in a generally-acoustic jazz setting, and I think it will do that job very nicely.
  12. Looking for fretless 5-string under £900

    Well, I've made my choice for the present. We shall see. It arrives Friday.
  13. Looking for fretless 5-string under £900

    More than I was willing to pay. Looks good though...when I need an upgrade.
  14. Looking for fretless 5-string under £900

    Will do.
  15. Looking for fretless 5-string under £900

    I ordered the 4-string Ibanez [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]SRH505F - fingers crossed.[/font][/color]