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(Sold) 1981 G&L L2000 Bass Made in USA 1st Gen OHSC

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You're looking at a very early G&L L2000 bass. Made in late '80/early '81, this is truly a beast. 

It was refinished in silver and given new frets before I bought it. The original PreAmp died and it was made passive with the Active/Passive switch approximating that OMG setting on an L1k. Comes with Original G&L Hardcase (battered but fully functional and pictured below). 

It sounds flipping huge. Feels like a Stingray. Sounds like a great L2k.

Truss Rod works at it should (this IS a G&L after all) and it's light for an L2K at approximately 8.6 pounds.Light for a L2000. It has a really unique feature in the form of an embossed logo on the body. It’s been painted over and you need to look out for it.  But I have been told that it was  super early G&L demo bass for use at conferences like Namm. Skunk Stripe. Maple F/B.  Very Stingray feeling neck. 1st Generation Hex Key Pole Pieces. And it features Leo's original Paddle-Style headstock which he had to jettison a few years later.  

If I was one of our extremely enthusiastic American cousins, I'd rabbit on about this bass having 'Leo's DNA' and the fact that the L2K encompassed the 'refinement of his Fender's groundbreaking inventions in the world of bass in the 1950s'. As I'm British, however, I'll just settle for this being an excellent instrument and a joy to play. 

I love this bass and have owned it for 12 years. It's toured from LA to New York via SXSW and from Bath to Berlin. As my dog recently had to undergo emergency surgery and treatment last week, however, the need for funds has forced its sale. Which is a horrible situation to be in but vet bills are brutal in the cost stakes. My dog is on the mend and I'd rather be G&L-less rather than Dog-less. 

I'm based in London (as is the bass). Happy to post provided the buyer of this fine instrument can sort out the costs for it. 

Update: Action set to just above 5/64 (17th Fret) on the G String and 6/64 and the E String (17th Fret) and the bass is free of buzz and rattle. Relief is .012  

UPDATE: 28.11.19 Price Drop £620



G&L 1.jpg

G&L 2.jpg

G&L 3.jpg

G&L 4.jpg

G&L 5.jpg

G&L 6.jpg



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Damn, you've been posting some of the best bargains I've ever seen! Sorry to hear about your financial situation.

Whoever gets this is a lucky chap, beautiful design & great bass.

Wish I had the funds right now for it.


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I eventually couldn't get all the funds together for this beauty, so someone better be quick incase my situation changes! 


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