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  1. New toy in da house: 1981 G&L L-2000 One in one out, the brownie is going to a new home soon.
  2. Hi guys! I'm selling my L2000 tribute tobacco burst. It's a limited edition with matching headstock in mint condition, the only mods are some strap locks and flat Pbass knobs . Otherwise it's pretty new, no scratch or anything. It comes with a Levis gigbag. 300£ Collection around London only.
  3. New toys in da house :
  4. Hi guys, I'm a rehab bass player, basically lost the faith few years ago, started playing other instruments more, ended up playing more electronic music than anything and getting back to it now since I just got a new band. I used to be quite geeky with the gear, I owned 22 bass in 8 years, not many amps tho, just had a SWR Red Head which I kept until I could not fit it into my flat. Right now I just have a lawsuit fujigen jazzbass branded Astoria. Few of my stuff: and my actual band :
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