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ACG Finn Chambered Single Cut 32" Scale uber spec

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I'm selling my ACG Finn 5 string short scale.  It's been a few years since I've played bass in anger and this bass is too good to just sit in the case. I bought this from 

This is the bass on Alan's page: http://archive.acguitars.co.uk/portfolio/0077-finn-sc-classic-chambered-5-string/


  • Holly top with Bloodwood accent and Black Limba body.
  • Body is chambered.
  • 3 piece Northern Ash Neck with an Acrylic Impregnated Bloodwood board 32″ scale tuned E to C.
  • Bloodwood pickup covers on the RFS and SB pickups. Bridge pickup switchable with Hipshot/Graphtech piezo bridge.
  • ACG EQ01 pre-amp.
  • Standard ACG satin finish.

The bass is in mint condition although there is some of the natural yellowing of the Holly that you get on a bass like this.  

The bass is 32" scale and tuned E-C right now.  It's a dream to play, but I am just not playing enough to justify the basses I have and am offloading all but one.  

I am told this bass would be £2,800 - £3,000 to build new today.  I will sell it for £2,100 including the iGig bag that its in and a mono strap with strap locks fitted.  

My preference is a pick-up from me in London (Earls Court / Hammersmith area), but I will discuss shipping if there is a keen buyer.  

I've been out of the bass scene / forums for a while, but I used to be quite prolific.  In terms of references I'm not sure who is still around that knows me, but my name is Mark Latimour and you can google me if you want to see if I am a legit person ;)

A couple of points to note:

  • I can't remember the last time I changed the strings or had it serviced etc, but its not been played out extentively.  
  • I would happily meet at a guitar shop or somewhere convenient in London (I work near St Pauls)












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Wow, one of my favourite ACGs ever!

Good luck with the sale mate.


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18 hours ago, Chris2112 said:

Good luck with the sale Latty. 

Thanks! :) GOod to see some familiar faces still around.  

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