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Marc S

Squier JV Precision (1982) 3TSB, Rosewood,Tort

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It's with heavy heart that I put this bass up for sale, but needs must (with redundancy and a future house-move on the cards).
In great condition for its' age, and a lovely player, with gorgeous vintage sound :)

There are a few dinks and dings on the bass, including a 2mm x 1.5mm x 1mm dink on the back of the neck, around fret 11 - easily filled, though it never bothered me actually.
There's a light "bloom" of buckle rash in the usual place, which isn't easy to photograph.

The main thing to say about this bass, is that it's otherwise in great condition given it's approaching 40 years old. Somehow, this bass just feels and sounds absolutely awesome - it has a real vintage tone and feel. These basses are rated very highly by people who own and play them, and you have to try one to understand quite why. It's the best feeling and sounding P bass I've ever played.

With the job situation being as it is, I have to sell something (not urgently - so no daft offers please) - I just need to thin the herd, as we will be moving house within the next 8 - 10 months, and are down-sizing. I'm gigging with another P bass these days - only because it is slightly lighter weight, and is another great bass. I can no longer justify 3x P basses, plus my P/J Limelight. I may even list another P over the coming days, and keep this one.... as I'm so torn :(

It weighs in at just a shade over 4kg - so is no boat anchor. Like I say, I've got 2 other P's which are lighter - though neither is in my favourite 3TSB, Rosewood, Tort combo. Mrs S said to me the other day "Do you really need two basses the same colour?" of my Roadworn Jazz! ;) I had the bass set up, including a light fret-dress & level, by A-strings of Treforest, near Pontypridd. The frets are in good condition, with plenty of life left in them. I believe everything else is original on the bass (as I was told by the previous BC owner). I did change the control knobs for an old 70's set, as they were in better condition (re the chrome)

It's currently wearing a set of worn-in Thomastik Flats. It came with some Dunlop flats, and I tried several other strings, but decided it just felt better with the TI's. I can let you have the Dunlops, or a new set of rounds if you prefer? But I'll leave the TI's on, as they just seem to suit the bass

Based in North Cardiff - but I can meet somewhere half way, as I've got amp headphones and a battery amp (Roland) to test at the ubiquitous Motorway services / pub
Please note I am NOT looking for any trades at all, and would prefer not to post (abroad or UK) - I also want you to try this bass, and fall for it, like I did, and to know that you've got it safely in your hands
In this moment of madness, as I'm typing this, I may decide to either sell another bass instead, or else change my mind completely.... lol

I'm asking slightly less than what I paid for it, given that I had the work done on the bass











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1 hour ago, bassadder said:

What's the trussrod like is there plenty left on it?

Yes, plenty. I tested this myself just before the set-up. I was swapping around between different tension strings (low tension Thomastiks, some higher tension Dunlops and I tried rounds on it too - just to see if I'd prefer them) The trussrod moves freely, and with bags of adjustment... Cheers now

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      Fellaaaaaaz & Fellazettes!
      New Bass Day!!! 
      I am delighted to let U all know that I finally got myself a Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass in Lake Placid Blue. Been hunting down one of those for the past two years & every time they would pop up on my radar, they would be clearly out of reach for either budget or geography reasons...
      That changed yesterday as I was in England visiting the in-laws. One of those appeared on Fb Marketplace a half hour drive from the their place, the price was right, so I jumped on it! 
      Now, the downside is the previous owner was a real pig who knew nothing about how to keep his gear clean & safe from harm. So the bass has suffered in 11 years more than most old school Fenders have in 50 and all the metal parts & pick guard have started to go yellow... 
      I don't even know if the electronics work cuz I'm travelling & do not carry an amp with me everywhere. The guy was a guitarist who didn't own a bass amp & a hoarder apparently, so I didn't make it past the front door. Also, he graciously forgot to take close up pix of the dents in the body, the paint stains on the headstock, or to mention the rusting state of the metal parts (for those of U who want tips on how to take pix in broad daylight in such a way that the yellowing aspect of metal parts doesn't show, I can help U cuz now I know how) ... Glad these people exist, they make the second hand market such a better place for all of us to find happiness, right? 
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      If so, would dipping all the metal parts into Coca Cola do the trick? Cuz the Brasso thing won't allow me to reach the small corners, especially in the bridge & tuning mechanisms... I'm also not an electronics guy & am quite reluctant to un soldering all the electronics... But if the general consensus is that I should take the whole bass apart & do a huge cleaning, then I guess I'll do that under Ur guidance! 
      Also, does boiling old strings really bring them back to life? 
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      Details, as if you needed them: https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-basses/precision-bass/road-worn-50s-precision-bass/0131712303.html?rl=en_US&rdl=en_GB
      Not keen to post but might be persuadable. Sensible offers considered. No overseas postage, sorry.
      Good for metal. Probably
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      Mint condition USA Fender Precision. Virtually unplayed, untouched 'case candy' inluding tools, strap, registration cert, keys to immaculate hard case. Spare pickguard included. Never owned a bass in this condition but it was an impulse purchase. Plays beautifully, I think from the serial number that it is a 2012 model.
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      Here for sale Is my Greco vintage P Bass,  It was imported by me as a bit of a project. It palys superd with a really low action and strung with cobalt flats(V expensive). It has a few age related marks on it as would be expected but minimal fret wear. It has been fitted with Gotoh pre aged tuners, v mod pickups and a modern wiring loom. The nut is 40/41 mm and weight is 3.69 KG.
      Postage and packing is £20.00

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