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NOW SOLD - Bergantino NV412 w/padded cover NOW £600 (Inc. Courier)
Allerton, Bradford

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For sale due to new endorsement deal, will courier via UPS (included in price) 

A cab that needs no introduction in this forum, good condition throughout with a couple of scuffs here and there, but no torn tolex, looks smart. 

Grab this legendary cab for a great deal, and delivered to your door. 

The NV412 is an exciting new addition to the Bergantino NV range. With their classic "Old School" tones in a superb high end modern sealed cabinet design with state of the art speakers and construction. This new cabinet has less high mid than the 610 but more low mid bass push. The high end is smooth and defined and the mids come through with ease. The low end is powerful yet controlled, even at very high volumes, which is part due to the sealed cabinet design. With the great combination of speed, weight and classic warmth, this is fast becoming another "must have cab" from Bergantino! This cab loves power and will thrive with large S/S or tube amps of 1000w +.


Bergantino NV412 specifications:
  1. 4 x 12" woofers with vented pole pieces

  2. power handling - 800 watts rms

  3. frequency response: 45hz - 4.5khz

  4. 2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors

  5. sensitivity: 103db 1watt/1metre

  6. impedance: 4 ohms

  7. dimensions: 36"H x 24"W x 15"D

  8. dimensions: 91.44cm x 61cm x 39.4cm

  9. weight: 108lbs/49Kgs

  10. tilt-back casters










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😳 I bet that kicks butt!!  My 212 is killer, that’s a house shaker for sure! 

Good luck with the sale. 

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Now THAT is bargain. I used to have a 6x10. They are remarkably easy to move around considering what they deliver. And they deliver everything you would imagine.

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    • By bassbora
      I am looking for a 1x12 bass cab. I only would consider Bergantino AE, CN, or HDN. I would also consider Mesa subway range.

      I am in Scotland so I think shipping would have to be a consideration but I might drive some distance for the right cab.  
    • By razzthekid88
      Reluctantly selling my pride and joy bass rig but sadly just can't justify it as I'm more focussed on other instruments and not actively playing bass in bands as much as I used to.

      Ampeg SVT-VR with wheeled flightcase
      USA Made - not Vietnam. Been gigged well since I've had it but still in good condition and sounds amazing. In my opinion the best sounding amp I've ever played through.
      Comes with a heavy duty flight case customised with heavy duty trolley-style casters which makes transportation much easier. Can post photos of this if required.
      Bergantino NV610
      This is an unbelievable cabinet, hard to beat it in my opinion. It performs well in every scenario with a clarity and punch that I haven't heard anywhere else. I've found this cab to be easier to transport than the Ampeg 610 cab and sounds as big as the matching 810 VR cab the head was originally purchased with but in a smaller, more manageable frame.
      Comes with padded leather cover.

      Ready to collect or shipping can be agreed with buyer at buyers cost. I would be willing to discuss transporting personally in Scotland.

      Would ideally like to sell together but open to reasonable offers. No trades please.






    • By Higgie
      Up for sale is my Bergantino AE410! Best cab I’ve ever owned by a LONG way. Selling as my gigging needs have changed and I very rarely use amps/cabs anymore! 
      Overall I’d say it’s in about 8/10 condition wise. It’s been well used but not abused, all general wear and tear, nothing major.
      Very light for a 410, it’s a 4ohm cab that will take 800watts without breaking a sweat. It comes with the proper Bergantino padded cover.
      Collection from Chingford, London preferred, but postage can be arranged at buyer’s cost. Would also meet/deliver for a contribution towards fuel. 

    • By ricksterphil
      Up for sale are my Bergantino 1x12 cabs. They are the HT112 and the EX112.
      The HT112 has the variable tweeter. The cabs are rated at 350 watts at 8 ohms. I've run them with my EBSHD360 head and they sound epic (head also for sale in another listing)
      I want to sell these as a pair. They come with the correct Berg covers. 
      there's what looks like a fag burn on the top of the HT112 (not done by me)
      I've had these for about 3 years and gigged them regularly and I often get complimented on my sound (but not my technique...lol) - they're light enough for a 1 hand carry
      Selling as I'm using a Glockenklang blue rock and a Barefaced Super 12 as my main rig now
      I can meet up within reason or courier (they'd be expensive to courier due to the weight) - happy to get a rate for you
      Here's some blurb
      Model HT112 specifications:
      1-12" cast frame woofer w/ 80oz. magnet, vented pole piece
      high intelligibility bullet tweeter
      power handling - 350 watts rms
      custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control
      frequency response: 48hz - 18khz
      sensitivity: 97db anechoic: 2.83v/1m
      impedance: 8 ohms

      dimensions: 15"H x 17-1/2"W x 13"D
      weight: 39lbs.
    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      Hello again you beautiful bc'ers.
      I'm parting ways with my Bergantino AE410, a beautiful full sounding cabinet that achieves great clarity in the mids whilst providing constant crisp and clear punchy lows... It also has an adjustable tweeter!!... 
      It's really a master cabinet and compliments pretty much any thing you run through it, be it amp, pedal, bass... even Cliff Richard.
      Some might say that it could even cure the sounds & wrong doings of the most ambitious and untrained guitar luthiers out there... “Cough!!" No names!!
      ... but seriously, it's a whole lotta cab and it's pretty portable in my opinion... then again, I did used to spar with He-Man & The Master's of the Universe... 💪
      It's 28kg so not exactly a one hand lift (though I can do it...) but with recessed handles and the casters fitted it's a very portable full sounding cabinet with no compromise.... “IT'S EXTREMELY LOUD!!!"  Unless you don't want it to be...  then you just turn your amp volume down and voilà!
      The Berg AE410 has itself 2 x Neutrik input (speak-on cables) and 2 x 1/4" standard instrument cable inputs at the rear... It's got that adjustable tweeter thingy that I mentioned earlier... It's got fitted casters (with one caster looking a bit Heath Robinson, previous owners work...) and best of all it has 4 x 10" Neo Speakers!!!  That be some Matrix shiz! 
      So that's 4 speakers, one for each string... I'm guessing...  dunno if this cab would work with a five string as I haven't tried it yet but y'all fivers be more than welcome to come give it a trial...
      All-in-all it's in fantastic condition and comes with the Berg padded cover for added protection.
      A few marks on the base of cabinet and the rest is all-round tidy.
      Always been used with a compressor just to give it a stress free life.
      Full specs below;
      AE410 specifications: 
      •4 x 10" Custom Neodymium Driver with 7oz magnet and vented pole pieces
      •high intelligibility 1" tweeter
      •custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control
      •power handling - 800 watts rms
      •frequency response: 40hz - 18khz
      •sensitivity: 103db  1 watt/1 meter
      •2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors
      •impedance: 4 ohms
      •dimensions: 22 3/4" W x 25 1/2" H x 15 1/2" D - 55.9cm x 64.8cm x 39.4cm
      •weight: 62lbs/28 Kgs
      “THAT'S 10!! 10 SPECIFICATIONS!!!..."  
      That one was for all you bc'ers who got love for The Count!! 
      He's a personal inspiration to me, taught me how to count the fret markers on my bass... 3, 5, 9... I means 7...14, 21... Oh wait that's something else... Better dig those old Sesame Street VHS cassettes outta the cupboard... 
      I can arrange delivery and packing at extra cost or happy for a part-way meet (if fuel cost covered) or trial and collection always welcome... But BYOA (bring your own amp) mine is SO bespoke no one is allowed near it!!!
      only kidding, I shifted it a while ago... 

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