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Being as I seem to be doing some bigger shows these days, I thought I'd kick common sense into touch and go heavier again. I have the Orange SP212 for smaller venues but this is less likely to get lost on a larger stage or not be heard inside of a 5 mile radius!!



The head is also the newer revamped Terror head that Orange brought out earlier this year so it's an all new 2019 setup for me. I much prefer the newly modified head as it doesn't break up so quickly and with the cab I pretty much plug in with no need to search hard for a tone I like.

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Hiho ,I,m similar,SP212 for space and OBC115 everywhere else and can use both when you want to level buildings.It,s the original head I,ve got ,full power 8 or 4 ohm and the Fixed DI.

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Variations on a theme?

Cracking rig you have there Cat, I went with the 112x 2


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Looking good Tim, and I’ll bet it sounds as good as it looks. The bassist for the main band we’ on tour with us using a Terror and it’s a great sound.

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    • By Shambo
      I bought this over a year ago because it was local and there was money burning a bass shaped hole in my pocket. I'd never tried or owned another Stingray before and life is short so, why not?
      It's from 2004 and is Desert Gold (orange) with matching headstock. On my luggage scales it weighs 4.1kg. Condition is excellent, very minor blemishes (mainly on the headstock) and paint swirls. It came with a pearloid scratchplate (included) and I bought a nice funky 'brain slice' after market pickguard (also included). I went to fit it with Schaller straplocks but, when I came to change them, I noticed it was already fitted with Schaller strap pins. I've never had the original strap pins so it's sold as is. I took it to respected local luthier Eltham Jones of Edge Musical Services in Bristol for a set up and he replaced the crackly jack socket for a switchcraft. The set up is excellent, it plays superbly and is wearing labella flats. It sounds very agressive as a Stingray is supposed, I erm suppose. I'm confident it will pass any inspection before trying, which you are very welcome to do if you visit me in Kingswood, Bristol BS15.
      Used but not abused... but not used enough by me, so that's why I'm selling. I don't want to admit this to myself but perhaps I'm more of a passive Fender man at heart.
      I'm off today to source an EBMM Stingray hardcase to complete the package. I'll add pictures of the case later.
      It owes me more but I'm asking for £900 collected. I'll get a quote for UK postage if necessary, it's usually £25-35.
      That's enough blurb for now, here's the pictures. Thanks for looking.

    • By [email protected]
      Orange Terror Bass 500 Amp - £300
      Very Good condition amp, works perfectly. I've owned this for several years and it's had minimal use, as most of the time I play with in-ear monitors and have no need of an amp. This has been kept in the house in storage and comes out for 1 gig each Summer. Time to move on so I can re-invest in something I'll get more use out of.
      Orange Website: "Maintaining the size of the original Tiny Terror, the Terror Bass is a 500 watt hybrid amplifier with a Class D solid state power section and the same preamp as our all-valve AD200B UK bass amp.
      With the same great looks as the other Terror series guitar amps, and a rugged construction that will stand up to the road, bass players can now become a part of the famed “Tiny Terror Club.”

      Orange 2x12 600W Isobaric Cab - £350
      Very good condition. Cosmetic wear and tear visible in the photos, but again this cab has been used rarely and spends most of the time in the house locked in a cupboard. Perfect working order and packs a punch for such a small package.
      Orange Website: "The revolutionary Orange SmartPower Bass Cabinets are ultra portable yet extremely powerful. The SP212 feature a ported Isobaric cabinet design and use lightweight Neodymium speakers.
      Both speakers in the SP212 are front-facing, one behind the other. The space between the front speaker’s magnet and the rear speaker’s cone is airtight, ensuring that both speakers vibrate in conjunction with one another, thus keeping them in phase.
      They may be small, but SmartPower bass cabs sound huge.

    • By CyberBass
      For Sale is my fantastic Orange OB1-500 Bass amp in good condition. It comes with gig bag (pictured), power lead and orange foot switch. These amps are fantastic. Very reliable amp. These are class A/B solid state amps that won’t let you down unlike some Class D amps. Only selling because of upgrade. These sell for around £660 new so grab yourself a bargain.
      Collection from Bristol preferred, but will courier at additional cost.
      Here’s some info:
      The OB1-500 is a Bass head with a difference. For years bassists have been combining guitar and bass amps to remarkable effect, adding harmonics and layers of overdrive from a guitar amp to their core bass tone in pursuit of the ultimate live sound.
      The key to the OB1's unique sound is Orange's footswitchable Blend circuit which adds gain and increased harmonic content to the upper registers of the input signal. The lower frequencies and clean signal are left alone, staying warm and clear. Punch in the Blend control to achieve anything from a transparent clean boost, to all-out filthy grind.
      Sound Blend options
      With the OB1 you can split the input instrument signal into two separate paths. One side amplifies the clean signal, with all the clarity you would expect from Orange. The other adds up to two stages of distortion to the upper harmonics only, controllable via the amp's Gain knob. These two elements can be combined using the amplifier's Blend control which adjusts the mix between clean and dirty. The Blend control can then be remotely engaged or defeated using the optional footswitch.
      The Gain and Blend's range allows for almost anything, from a subtle level boost to cut through the mix, added girth and presence at moderate settings to fatten up chorus passages, to fully saturated savagery at the extremes. However you dial it, the OB1 always maintains the critical low end definition even at its' dirtiest.
      Active EQ
      The OB1’s highly responsive active three band EQ has been meticulously voiced for maximum effect with minimal fuss. The EQ section is located after the Gain and Blend dials take effect, allowing full control over their massive sonic range. The Bass and Middle controls feature +/-15dB of boost or cut, whilst there is a range of +/- 20dB on the Treble control.
      Rack Mountable
      The OB1 Series are rack mountable amps, suitable for 19" cases (2U). Enclosed in a rugged power coated steel chassis the fascia is finished in Orange's classic 'pics only' styling.
       Controls: active/passive switch, gain, blend, bass, middle, treble, volume, footswitch input, mains switch
       speaker outputs: (speakon), 1/4" line output, balanced output with ground lift switch
       speaker output options: minimum 4 ohms: 1 x 8 ohm, 2 x 8 ohm, 1 x 4 ohm
       output power: 500 watts, class a/b
       finish: white powder coated steel chassis (19 2u rack mountable)
       dimensions (w x h x d):48.2 × 26.5 x 10cm (18.97 x 10.43 x 3.93)
       unboxed weight: 10.1kg (22.26lb)

    • By jembullo
      ******PRICE DROP £850 
      Here we have a mint condition Orange Superbass head, very rare.
      Orange OR120 Super Bass 1997 RI,
      Rare full tube amp in immaculate condition with original cover.
      Tons of tonal possibility with the Bass, Mid and Treble and the frequency select switch. Can also double as a guitar amp.

      Checked and serviced about 6 months ago, all given a good bill of health.

      4/8/16 Ohm switch, 2 speaker outputs, 120V/220V/240V selector,
      and 120 Watt of tube power.
      Don't be fooled into thinking 120w is not loud enough, this thing is a beast!
      *****Will consider trades, basses, cabs, try me  ************
      *******Cab not included.........

    • By Mama Huhu
      NOW ONLY £395 each for a quick sale - sorry I can't figure out how to amend the headline price!
      Hi I have for sale a pair of brilliant Orange OBC212 600w bass speakers purchased the less than 6 months ago. Both cabs are pretty much mint, with no scratches or tears and come with heavy duty branded slip covers - I look after my gear and these have literally seen the light of day outside my smoke and pet-free home studio twice (and once was to take the pictures!).
      One cab is orange and the other black (cuz I iz funky!). The new price for these was around £650 each and I'm only selling due to unemployment - why not try a sensible offer, I might be tempted? I originally had an excellent OB1-500 head in this listing but it has now been sold.
      Orange basketweave OBC212 600w 8-ohm isobaric cab 2x12 £395
      Black basketweave OBC212 600w 8-ohm isobaric cab  £395
      Collection from Salisbury SP1 please.

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