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-WITHDRAWN- / MusicMan StingRay V Classic All Rosewood

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Up for sale this 2014’ SR V Classic with an all rosewood neck in Mint Condition.

Comes with original MM case & goodies.

Would ship from France.

Please make offers ;)








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Price Drop
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Rosewood neck.  Very beautiful.  Feels nice under the fingers I should think ( my Warwick has a waxed ovangkol one, which feels much nicer than the varnished maple on my others ).  Does it sound any different from a maple one tho? £1000 different?  Or is the cost a rarity thing? Just curious really.

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Hey Nick,

Thin frets, easy profile for a 5, kind of satin finish touch... such a great place to be for a left hand. Had the opportunity to have a try on the same one with one piece maple neck when I purchased it : the main differences I felt was a much smoother attack with rosewood, and a better option for fat bottoms. As always a matter of taste ... & money/ I could afford that time ;) Of course rarity makes a big part of the price. Just to let you know, MM charges 900$ extra for the All Rosewood option! Not the easiest to sell back.


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On 26/02/2019 at 23:29, JlsBss said:

and a better option for fat bottoms

Nothing like having an option for fat bottoms.... 

Out of my Stingray price range, I'm afraid, but possibly the best looking Stingray I've seen ( and I've seen quite a few recently ). Glwts.

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11 hours ago, basslondon said:

I hope the ladies can buy too. Not just “ gentlemen” 😀

All apologies to the ladies ! Their offers will be appreciated as well :)

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