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💥 Lakland USA Bob Glaub PJ *** PRICEDROP £2150 ***

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For sale, a beautiful Lakland USA Bob Glaub Custom PJ. The bass is in absolutely mint and pristine condition. Jazz-width quarter-sawn maple neck with Rosewood fretboard and beautiful bird-eye maple position markers. Comes with original hardcase.

I don't have soundclips of my own but below are some videos of US Lakland Bob Glaub (44-64) P and P/J Precisions.







Trade value: £2,450











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12 hours ago, Quatschmacher said:

That is beautiful. What’s the fingerboard radius?

Where are you based?

Thanks! The radius is 10". I'm based in London.

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Outstanding instruments - I have one very similar (Oly White) - the best alternative to a pre CBS that I've found and it's been an extended search.  For me the necks (especially Jazz dimension) are the finest available, and (again to me) preferable to vintage Fenders.  Fantastic price for an immaculate example (IMO)

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If I didn't already have an amazing US (passive P/J) 44-94, I'd be all over this!! Beautiful looking thing!


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This is a lovely bass folks and an equally lovely seller. I had the pleasure of trying it. A bit later I wanted to buy it but unfortunately Latif was abroad when I got in touch so I ended up ordering a new Lakland while there was an offer on. I couldn’t justify buying a second one so had to decline when he got in touch. You could buy this and save a tonne of money and not have to wait the 6 months I’ve had to wait for mine to be built. 

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