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SWR Amp revamp

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I recently picked up a really cheap SWR LA8 practice amp. It sounds OK but was covered in carpet which had attracted local cats and hence was pretty shabby. 

I decided to attempt a recover. Looked on You Tube and it seems pretty straightforward? what's the worse that could happen eh?

It initially looked like this (stock pic, I cracked on without taking one)

I got to work stripping it of its parts and then using a hot iron, removed the horrible fuzzy carpet.

This left me with a carcass which I then sanded to remove all the old glue and tufts etc.

This presented a problem - the grille and speaker support were glued and pinned in place.

I tried to drill out the staples all around the cab however, try as I might, I couldn't move the two panels.

Eventually - I was fired to use brute force to remove, and destroy,  them both. Cue loads of filling and sanding but it's now starting to look and feel smooth once again.

I bought a couple of replacement pieces from B&Q who cut them to exact size - less than a fiver. 

Next job - cut out holes for the speaker as well as the frame for the new grille cloth.

Pics to follow.......cheers 




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Cool!  Been thinking about doing this just for sh#ts and giggles!

What do you plan to cover it with?

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