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  1. Why not, how about a worst quality gig bag contest? I'm sure to win that
  2. Steel has many obvious impracticalities, how about a few layers of carbon fiber laminated onto a wooden fretboard which is radiused before hand?https://www.cycfi.com/2010/10/compound-radius-fretboard/
  3. 1. @Frank Blank’s (mostly) Acoustic Corner - Godin A4, fretless Rob Allen Mouse, ACG Harlot SC, Ibanez SRC6. QSC K12.2, Helix Stomp. 2. @jebroad Dingwall, Squire silver jazz, schecter fiver, ashdown 8x10, whatever heads I can dig out 3. 4. 5. y. @Teebs Hinnocent 7.
  4. I can confirm this and I attended this playgroup 13 years ago
  5. Right, the hall looks free for the 9th. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
  6. This may be far out but I’m toying with the concept of a Viger or Le fay like stainless steel fretboard. Maybe construct a thinner, flat timber fretboard on top of the neck and then 2-3mm of stainless steel on top. Not sure about created a radius with that, however. Possible a radius block with emery?
  7. Unlikely but I'm seeing what can be done
  8. Bare in mind, the bass will be fretless so I'm thinking of having horizontal LED lit markers to indicated the frets where inlays would normally be eg. 3,5,7
  9. What would everyone think of status style wrap around LED markers but on the treble side? Kind of ruins the point of wrap around markers but I dont want a whopping great channel through the bass side of the neck (may compromise stiffness).
  10. I could book another weekend, of course. If anyone objects to the weekends either side- let me know
  11. Dont know if theres a rack thread already but I thought I'd take some inspiration on units to fill an empty rack. Get posting!
  12. Dates not confirmed yet as there might be wedding that weekend (even though I booked the hall out after the last bash grrrrrr).
  13. Dates not confirmed yet!
  14. Recently received a bass cab with a blown cone. Message me if you can help out in the hunt for a new one. Cheers
  15. This sketch is a little bit very angular. @Jimothey
  16. This is the right hand design but with a refined and reflected right hand side with an extended horn.
  17. This shape is much more even in width but I'm not too sure on the upper angle of the horn. Thoughts?
  18. They were a surprisingly decent series of basses made by washburn which used status pickups and electronics. Worth it for the preamp really.
  19. Two sketches, the one on the left has a more reflected body shape on the lower curves. Anyone have any preferences between the two purely on that difference in body shape? P.S. these horns aren't the final design.
  20. More iterations involving @TheGreek 's horn design
  21. That’s definitely a problem with the body shape. The first design of the bass came from when I’d only play on the left knee. That’s where the concept for the lower right concave curve. It was originally meant to sit on the right knee but in a position like to playing left. Ill have a go at adding a horn but trying to keep a similar ‘artistic’ concept
  22. Spec as it stands- Mahogany through neck Mahogany wings Single piece headless bridge 28" scale 35mm body thickness Single soapbar pickup
  23. After the designs from the 25" scale midget with the carbon neck- I'm creating two new midget basses by the end of this year. Both headless. Possibly fretboard leds. The two current designs are two iterations of body body. Feel free to choose a favourite and let me know why. This information could prove useful.
  24. Looking for a decent pair of jazz or soap bar pickups. Give me a message if you can help me out. Cheers
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