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*SOLD* Mesa Prodigy 4:88

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I have reluctantly decided to move on my beloved Mesa Prodigy 4:88 as I need some cash to finance other stuff, you know how it is :) Would consider a trade for a Barefaced Super Compact or BB2 and cash my way.

The amp has been recently serviced and is fitted with a brand new set of Electro Harmonix KT88's (only fitted yesterday so have not been gigged) it comes with the Mesa footswitch and a Spider hard case which the amp fits into perfectly for protection. 
This thing sounds fantastic and offers a large variety of tones , it is plenty loud and lightweight compared to any other full valve amp. 

Don't really want to courier this so pick up would be preferred, I'm based in Leeds and willing to travel around 50 miles to meet if necessary.

All the spec info can be found here - http://www.mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/prodigy--strategy-tube-bass-amp-series/bass-prodigy-four-88/index.html  








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Really want this amp but will have to stick with my amp for the time being :(

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I had the chance of play one of these with a Barefaced Four 10, now its my favourite valve amp! Amazing sound and really light. GLWS

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i own one and It's the best amp I have ever tryed IMHO you (I have tryed Mesa Titan, Ampeg SVTII, Ampeg SVT CL,... but I never tryed any orange or Fender/Sunn)

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    • By foya
      sold!! Please close
      Brand new Aguilar TH700
      really brand new.. absolutely mint 
      More pics on request 

    • By LukeFRC
      price drop: £890 posted to you in uk.

      SO one of those threads where I'm floating it out there to see if there's any interest in an item because I've got GAS for something else. To be honest I'm not 100% about selling this as I love the thing, but thought it's worth trying. 

      So what is it? 

      Only one of the most iconic bass amps from the last 20 years, small, compact but packing a punch of old school solid state tone, with it's big old valvey sound. 
      It's a really early one. Go look at the threads on Talkbass and you'll find chat about the older ones being brighter sounding than the later ones. The early ones were also unofficially stable at 2 ohms. (But obviously if you need something that runs at 2 ohms, read up on it as it's officially 4 ohms min) 
      Amp rated at 300w solid state watts at 4 ohms. 
      I had a problem with it a year or so ago, and the power transformer melted. The original Mesa Czech made transformer was replaced with a official Mesa USA made part but Mesa's authorised tech in my part of the world. (not cheap) - but it means it was serviced within the last two years. 
      Oh yeah, it's got a late 50's or early 60's Philips ECC83 in valve position 1. I got it and it sounded way nicer than the stock Mesa valve so it stayed in there. If anyone wants me too I can open it up and check what it is. 

      And this one has a lovely green cab, with basket grill, and brown leather handle and corners. I can actually leave this in the front room and not get complaints cos it looks classy. Compact enough it will take up half the boot of a Mk7 Golf and fit under the parcel shelf.
      Price includes UK postage/delivery etc. 
      If you're outside the UK delivery costs will vary obviously. Probably not feasible to post outwith the EU. 
      Offers will be listened too; Trade offers... well I have plans for what I would replace this with but sometimes Basschat trade offers are where the exciting discoveries are found... 



    • By Seg
      Hi All, 
      I have decided top sell my mesa subway cabs as i have just bought berg Forte HP and my OCD is kicking in, so grab a real bargin!!
      2 x Subway 115 £695.00 each  (Weigh just 37.9 pounds) SOLD
      2 x subway 112 - £625.00 each  (Weigh Just 32.9 pounds)SOLD
      or all 4 for Just £2400.00 (Less than half new  price !!!)
      They have only ever been used in pairs (2x15, 2x 12, or 1x15 +1x12) but all four can be run together at 2ohms and the affect is nothing short of astonishing !!
      all cabs are in great condition, a demo can be arranged and all come with Mesa covers. I would  prefer buyer to collect but I  can be deliver them for @ £0.60p per mile one way from stockport area but I will NOT  send then via a courier
      May part exchange for  Bergantino HDN212 or HDN112 
      More pik's to follow

    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      Hello all you knowledgeable BC'ers...
      I have a Mesa Powerhouse 2x12 cab that appears to have a shot high frequency speaker. I have contacted Mesa US regarding a replacement but apparently they won't ship to the UK.
      The Mesa speaker is a 
      Mesa Boogie 406 High Frequency Speaker
      Does anyone have a suggestion on where I could possibly source a new 406 speaker or a suitable replacement?...
      Many thanks!!
    • By foya
      SOLD!!! Thanks 
      Mesa boogie walkabout combo case, (with the possibility of inserting its head (not included)
      1x12" speaker with passive radiator, very good condition, available wheels and its cover.
      i'm located in italy.
      Price 400 GBP or 440 EUR

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