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NBD Corvette $$ Ltd

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Less than 24hrs after spotting this in the for sale section of the forum, I had this little baby hanging on the wall in my studio and a massive smile on my face. I have to say a big thanks to @Kev for being the easiest guy in he world to deal with, a quick drive about a third of the way across the country and a late night meet up at a very dark motorway services I was on my way home with my new toy.

I have been playing Warwicks pretty much exclusively for the last 20 years and had a $$ for a few months last year but I thought it lacked a bit of individuality and a  little something tone wise, but a very nice, very versatile bass, but it got moved on in the end.

This thing however is a totally different beast. Firstly the tiger wood top and  swamp ash body look beautiful. This bass is No30 of a limited run of 85 made in 2010 and within that 85 only a small No. were made with this specific hardware. Instead on the standard two MEC humbuckers it  has two Bartolini humbuckers and a 3 band  MEC preamp as opposed to the normal 2 band found on a $$. This combination makes this thing sing, being able to push the mids really brings it alive compared to my experience with the standard $$. Suffice to say I am very very happy with it and will stop gushing and show you some pics.

@Kev I dont know what you were thinking parting with this, but thanks again for making it so easy... and you cant have it back :biggrin:








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Glad you like it mate, its not quit like any other Warwick I have had, and I don't think Iv heard one sound better!

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I too hanker after a $$, but I do like the shiny pole pieces, and it'd have to be a 5 and in a nice shiny colour.

Still - that is mighty fine wood.

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    • By CygnusX2112
      I'm down sizing my collection of basses and equipment (a 2018 new years resolution).  Reluctantly I've decided to sell my 5 string Warwick GPS Corvette. 
      German built, in good condition with just a couple of minor marks (see 3x pictures). Comes with gig bag (missing shoulder straps but has added iron maiden patch), Warwick strap locks, Warwick tool kit etc.  The control knobs were upgraded to THG hand made Wenge knobs (to match the fingerboard, original chrome ones included).
      Price includes appropriately insured UK mainland delivery.
      My feedback thread can be found here: 

    • By andytoad
      Hello all,
      Not sure I want to sell this, but once again bills are calling...
      for me, this bass it ergonomically and aesthetically perfect! It’s had been a long time since a neck like this felt just right for me. However, you may have seen a these where I have found the bass a little to aggressive sounding for my taste. I did not want to pull the guts out of it and ruin and original so kept as is.
      it has had a new EMG at the bridge as the previous one failed on me. The rest is an original 1987 Warwick streamer stage 2. It will come with the flight case.
      Slim curvy body, lovely thin neck, a real beaut!
      if this is to be posted, I will only do it fully insured.
      that said, I’d be happy if it didn’t sell!

    • By dyerseve
      Up for sale is my stunning 1988* Warwick Streamer Stage 1. Hand made in Germany. Now includes a hard case for safer shipping and price dropped to £850.
      shipping is £12.50 to mainland UK, £35 to most of EU, £55 to most of the rest of the world. Includes full insurance and tracking.
      There is no serial number on this so it is impossible to age it precisely but talking to various people on here who are very knowledgeable on all things Warwick it could have been made as early as '86 and as as late as 88' so ive gone for the 88' to be safe - also, from what I saw of the bass when it was being stripped, the woods looked identical to those on this '88 Streamer Stage 1( making it maple body with a wenge/maple neck):

      Professionally refinished in a stunning gloss white by local luthier who also repaired the minor neck crack(which is a typical bug bear of these older pre-volute Warwicks from what I know - see the reverb ad above - the crack is almost identical!).
      This bass is all original except for the battery box which is a replacement from Warwick, the output jack, the pre-amp and pots (which are almost brand new MECs from a Warwick Fortress (the pre is a 2 band act/pass, bass, treb afair)). The frets were leveled and crowned by the same local luthier as well and it has received a full setup and new d'addario strings. The frets are down to about 50% from what I can see - see photos.
      Truss rod and electronics work perfectly!
      Neck profile and relief/action details (as best I can measure):
      Width @ nut 40mm
      Width @ 12th Fret 55mm
      Width @ 24th Fret 62mm
      Depth(front to back measured from fretboard) @ nut 23mm
      Depth @ 12 fret 23mm
      Depth @ 19th fret (before it joins the body) 27mm
      Relief(meaured at 7th fret with string fretted @ 1st and @ 20th frets) : 0.15" / 0.381mm
      Action @ 24th Fret 2.5mm - 1.75mm E - G
      Specs to the best of my knowledge: Maple body, wenge/maple neck, 24 bell brass frets, Mother Of Pearl dots front and side, brass Just a Nut I, solid brass Warwick 3D bridge, Schaller machine heads, Schaller straplock buttons, Warwick/MEC 2 band(bass and treble) EQ with active/passive with push pull volume.
      Weight is a very comfortable 4kg according to the kitchen scales though I swear it feels much lighter. 
      The brass hardware including the screws, knobs, bridge nut etc. were all a heavily tarnished gold finish when I first got the bass so I shot blasted to reveal what i think is a pretty cool nickel looking colour.
      Paint finish is rather nice with only some minor blemishes on the front of the headstock that you can only see on very close inspection and the repaired neck crack is still visible under the paint as shown in the photos. The only other blemishes are the scratches on the cavity cover and the original varnish on the side of the fretboard is peeling away in some places but this cannot be felt underhand.
      I'm based nr Dudley, West Midlands
      Now includes a used but perfectly functional hardcase for safe shipping within the UK. If you need it shipping internationally I can add a brand new flight case at cost(£65) for safe international shipping.


    • By sumorabbit
      Warwick Streamer CV German Pro Series £800 
      No trades please, I need to move some things on, not acquire more! 
      German made pro series Warwick Streamer Fretless. Has EMG J pickups installed and the VolVolTone circuit to compliment (one knob is a dummy knob). I still have the MEC pups and passive circuit (Vol,Vol,Passivetreb,Passivebass) that came with it,  I could swap it back in on request.
      2 small marks on the body otherwise great condition and sounds great, It's just not getting used and I have many other basses.
      Mayones Jabba 5 with Aguilar pups and 2 band pre passive/active and passive tone.
      A few small dings as pictured, Frets levelled recently, lovely smooth low action. Sounds as a jazz bass should with Mayones quality in buckets £1000
      Test drives welcome (I have the truss cover for the Warwick, I just tend to leave them off all my basses).
      Collection preferred, or I can deliver within reason. I'm out of shipping materials to post it safely, so shipping would incur extra cost ro purchase cartons and bubblewrap. Located in Bolton North Manchester


      good image hosting    

      image hosting
    • By D-L-B
      Regrettably letting this go as it hasn't been touched in ages.
      Excellent condition, only marks to speak of are some slight wear on the corner of the neck pick up from heavy handed playing, a small bump blemish on the headstock and side of body near the controls. I've chosen pictures that show these as clearly as possible, the bass looks great in the flesh.

      A plethora of tones at your fingertips with the myriad knobs available to twiddle.
      Comes with certification and wallet etc...
      I'll get some more pictures taken outside once the sun returns.
      Link: Warwick Streamer LX Ltd 2008
      Any questions, just ask.