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  1. R.I.P.

    NBD Corvette $$ Ltd

    Wow, that is a beauty!!.....enjoy!!
  2. R.I.P.

    MEC Pick ups for a jazz bass.

    The answer is, if your jazz bass has passive pups' (which it probably does), then yes, you can use the Dynamic Correction MEC pups and connect it to the pre in your jazz bass FWIW, most active basses use a passive pup paired with a preamp....yours is probably this way to MEC (Gold Colored) pups are active and are paired with a preamp that is designed for use with active pick ups only
  3. R.I.P.

    Adding contours to Stingray: sacrilege?

    [quote name='machinehead' timestamp='1469502318' post='3098816'] That's interesting. I was thinking about adding contours to mine (USA SUB) to reduce the weight. Maybe it's not worth the effort? Frank. [/quote] Unfortunately I didn't weigh it before and afterwards but there was no noticeable difference....I would say less then a pound was shaved off
  4. R.I.P.

    Adding contours to Stingray: sacrilege?

    [quote name='machinehead' timestamp='1469477525' post='3098685'] I agree with this. My US SUB is perfectly comfortable to gig. Frank. [/quote] I agree with StingrayPete to. After I modded my Ray34 (post# 4) I really noticed no change in playability or weight either. Keep that beautiful bass the way it is
  5. R.I.P.

    Adding contours to Stingray: sacrilege?

    Good point StingrayPete........I also missed the part were he said "the EB introduced contoured body" which clearly means he knows of the new body shapes.....my bad OP Now I'm off to get some more coffee
  6. R.I.P.

    Adding contours to Stingray: sacrilege?

    I love the contoured body's, I even modified a slab bodied RAY 34CA for Belly and Forearm relief, but I wouldn't mod a classic. You might already know this, but the newer EB's are available now with contoured bodies.
  7. R.I.P.

    NBD Fender AVRI 63 (Sonic blue)

    [quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1468699370' post='3092788'] The 64s had a refin in what was the original colour and a shot of laquour over the neck, other than that she's the same as she was when she came out the factory 52 years ago! [/quote] Nice!......congrats on two beautiful basses!
  8. R.I.P.

    NBD Fender AVRI 63 (Sonic blue)

    Very nice!.......BTW, that 64 is beautiful to!
  9. R.I.P.

    NBD.. MIM sunburst Jazz

    Very nice!!....I see it has a Babicz bridge to
  10. R.I.P.

    5 string bass help

    [quote name='blank20' timestamp='1468083366' post='3088536'] Check theese two http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/STST5SBS https://gb.muzyczny.pl/143270_LTD-B-415SM-NS-bass-guitar.html This Schecter looks stunning [/quote] I've tried the Schecter. Great bass.....definitely give it a look if you can.
  11. R.I.P.

    5 string bass help

    [quote name='R.I.P.' timestamp='1467665935' post='3085276'] +1....stick with it, you'll get it [/quote] Since I posted this on the 4th I decided to switch from my 4 to my 5 after about 9 months playing the 4 exclusively. The 1st day or two was a little rough, but by last night I was playing with comfort....note I don't know what the spacing is.
  12. R.I.P.

    New 4 String Advice

    Used MIM P or J. From what I hear 2008 and newer should be a very quality instrument
  13. R.I.P.

    5 string bass help

    [quote name='BassBus' timestamp='1467468744' post='3083923'] In my experience fivers do have a narrower spacing, anything from 16.5mm to 18mm. When I switched to five I had the same problem hitting the right string on 16.5mm spacing. Stick with it, you will soon adapt and you will never look back. Now I can transfer from 19mm on a four to 16.5mm on a five no problem. [/quote] +1....stick with it, you'll get it
  14. R.I.P.

    GAS Free 1 Year On

    I hear you, the next thing i need to buy is a "Proceed to Check Out" button, because i wore mine out
  15. R.I.P.

    GAS Free 1 Year On

    [quote name='luckman67' timestamp='1453057993' post='2956039'] Here is one taken tonight 17/01/16 [/quote] I guess that proves it then... Really though, I applaud you! I cant go a month without buying something....whether I need it or not