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NBD Corvette $$ Ltd

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Less than 24hrs after spotting this in the for sale section of the forum, I had this little baby hanging on the wall in my studio and a massive smile on my face. I have to say a big thanks to @Kev for being the easiest guy in he world to deal with, a quick drive about a third of the way across the country and a late night meet up at a very dark motorway services I was on my way home with my new toy.

I have been playing Warwicks pretty much exclusively for the last 20 years and had a $$ for a few months last year but I thought it lacked a bit of individuality and a  little something tone wise, but a very nice, very versatile bass, but it got moved on in the end.

This thing however is a totally different beast. Firstly the tiger wood top and  swamp ash body look beautiful. This bass is No30 of a limited run of 85 made in 2010 and within that 85 only a small No. were made with this specific hardware. Instead on the standard two MEC humbuckers it  has two Bartolini humbuckers and a 3 band  MEC preamp as opposed to the normal 2 band found on a $$. This combination makes this thing sing, being able to push the mids really brings it alive compared to my experience with the standard $$. Suffice to say I am very very happy with it and will stop gushing and show you some pics.

@Kev I dont know what you were thinking parting with this, but thanks again for making it so easy... and you cant have it back :biggrin:








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Glad you like it mate, its not quit like any other Warwick I have had, and I don't think Iv heard one sound better!

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I too hanker after a $$, but I do like the shiny pole pieces, and it'd have to be a 5 and in a nice shiny colour.

Still - that is mighty fine wood.

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    • By D-L-B
      *price drop
      Regrettably letting this go as it hasn't been touched in ages.
      Excellent condition, only marks to speak of are some slight wear on the corner of the neck pick up from heavy handed playing, a small bump blemish on the headstock and side of body near the controls. I've chosen pictures that show these as clearly as possible, the bass looks great in the flesh.

      A plethora of tones at your fingertips with the myriad knobs available to twiddle.
      Comes with certification and wallet etc...
      I'll get some more pictures taken outside once the sun returns.
      Link: Warwick Streamer LX Ltd 2008
      Any questions, just ask.

    • By samcrabtree00
      Now - £750    £695  £650   *Has been professionally set up by my luthier recently which I have receipt for*
      German Made Warwick Corvette Std (2008)
      - Bubinga Body
      - Active Electronics
      - Excellent Condition 
      I'm interested in trades as I currently own 2 Warwicks and will be keeping my SSII.
      Mostly looking for a good quality 5 String Jazz Bass (Fender, Sandberg etc) but interested in whats out there. Shoot me over a PM! 🙂
      I'm based in South Bedfordshire. 

    • By thommydonuts
      For sale
      German made Warwick FNA Jazzman 4 string with hardcase.
      Strap and strap locks included.
      Made in 2002, this is a lovely playing lightweight bass that I have owned since new.
      This is a reluctant sale, but it just isn’t getting the use it deserves.
      As can be seen in the photos the body shows signs some signs of wear, the worst of which is some belt buckle rash on the back of the bass. I’ve tried to include as much of this in the photos as possible.
      The neck is in really good condition and the bass plays and rings out nicely.
      Pickup/ inspection is possible in the Thanet area of Kent.
      No trades please.
      Serial number:
      Article number:
      Corvette FNA, 4-string
      Burgundy Red Oil finish
      Swamp Ash / A Flamed Maple top body
      Ovangkol neck
      Gold hardware
      Made in Germany

    • By Simonsbass
      Warwick custom shop masterbuilt Stu Hamm signature Satin red metallic
      Absolutely mint condition, fully flight cased with all case goodies
      Weight is 9lbs exactly
      Collection from Brighton or shipped at buyers expense
      Video of this very bass here:
      REDUCED £1800