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DIY Acoustic Panels

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10 hours ago, Jus Lukin said:

Thanks for the links, I've done a fair bit of roughing it out based on Bob Golds data. Couldn't help but notice even he can't find specs for the RWA45!

I'd not seen the BBC stuff. You do realise I'm now going to have read my way through all of that, don't you 51m0n? xD

Yep, its absolutely fascinating - literally all the research papers dating back to the 30's on studio design, absorption and diffusion, partition wall design, acoustics in various studios. I mean this is the absolute real deal, proper science and actual investment in trying multiple possible solutions to many problems faced in studio design.

It is a time consuming read, but I can't recommend it enough. I've read most of it that pertains to studio design/acoustic treatment that was written in the last 50 years and its truly excellent material.

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I think it's time to get serious and read this thread again along with below thread to get a better understanding of this complex subject. My room is ready but currently empty as it needs decorating. The reverb is similar to spring reverb at the moment.


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Man, some sh*t went down since I last saw this thread! It's taken us most of that time to tidy the mess up, but I'm now in the fortunate position of needing to make traps for a living room, studio, and rehearsal space. What with getting ourselves here and then losing all my work this year things are a little tight, but once I've replaced the computer I was already planning to when I last posted here and finished building my little in-house rehearsal drumkit, I'll be ready to get back to the absorber project myself!

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I will give it a go too, I probably opt for the mid thickness panels. 

Would triangle shaped panels work. Like toblerone shape in the corners of the wall @Skol303 behind the work/ mixing desk?

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They are known as 'Superchunks' which I think originated on an audio forum somewhere. They are more effective than corner panels, but not by a lot, apparently. They use loads more material, so are much more expensive for a small gain, but will absorb deeper frequencies, which is always good in a small room. Soffits, (similar, but full square sections in the corner) are apparently even more effective if you can spare the space.

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Superchunks are a very popular method. They can also be made more effective by positioning them a couple of inches away from the walls, since it is barrier traversal that uses up most energy.


Another interesting and pretty good compromise is a design with a 4" deep layer across the corner, with another 2" to 4" different density layer behind it across the corner with a 2" air gap.

It's way harder to build, but uses less gear. You should be checking out gearslutz acoustics forum for more info!

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