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NS NXT Stand repair - cheap good fix!


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One pain I've found with the NXT is that the clamp screw that set the tripod stand height is weak (I've had to replace it twice), and when tightened enough to hold the stand eventually starts crushing the support tube, so that the upper part of the stand starts not sliding down it. 

A very cheap solution that seems to be working really well -  better than the original clamp - is a pair of "30mm barbell clamps" (designed for weight lifters), one fitted above and one below the sliding part of the tripod legs. These are the ones I bought for £7.99 a pair: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XGVXLVX/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item I just leave the bottom one clamped in place, and release the top one when I want to collapse the stand.

Wish I'd done it before the tube got crushed...that was a pain to sort out!

Hope others find this helpful,



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Here's the other type of stand with my "fix", and a close up of the clamps in the up and folded position.

Also a photo of where I had to drill and fit roll pins to the top bracket to stop it wobbling! Hopefully there's nothing left to fall apart on this now...


IMG_0156 - Copy-min.JPG

IMG_0157 - Copy-min.JPG

IMG_0158 - Copy-min.JPG

IMG_0159 - Copy-min.JPG

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I had to buy a new stand when I accidentally left mine at a gig and the bar owner couldn't find it.  I was very expensive - around the £130 mark delivered IIRC (that matches the previous poster).

Give him his due, the bar owner called a few weeks later when he found it, so I now have two.  After reading this, methinks it's good to have a spare....


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