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  1. It is complicated but I am getting there. The desktop editor helps. It seems to be that if you want to do something (sensible!) then you can. Things like change the input impedance - with 1 MOhm available it should work with an upright piezo pickup. Or change the Volume control to set headphones but leave main outs full on. I had not expected it to be quite so configurable. So far, everything is beyond my expectations - and they were pretty high.
  2. P.S. I do realise this is far from the first modelling "box". It does seem to be the first to achieve the right balance of performance, features and cost to win over increasing numbers of bass players, and its arrival coincides with the development of attractive FRFR options.
  3. While I wait for the delivery I have been reflecting on the implications that this little box has for bass rigs. I should add that I have not managed to read all 38 pages of this thread so forgive me if I am repeating anything. The cost of the Stomp is covered because it will stop me spending money on pedals I eventually sell on. So we turn to the rig. My Genzler 350 combo & extension is brilliant, but consider the cost. Bass Direct is listing the combo at £959. The extension cab at £535. It is a brilliant little rig but... For less than the cost of the extension cab I can buy a decent RCF powered 12" PA speaker with cover and speaker stand (and have bought - it should be good for upright bass). For less than the cost of the combo I could get an RCF Evox J8 (what I would like to try eventually) and have a sub and array like the Genzler, but in a better form factor (array is on a pole for even better dispersion) and with more power should a band need it. I could also put our keys through a PA speaker. The only downside is the weight. The Genzler gear is super light, the PA options 10 to 20lbs heavier. It is not unmanageable, but it matters at my age. But this does not take anything away from the Stomp because with the right setup you don't need a rig at all. I am not at that point yet. The term "game changer" is overused, but in this case appears entirely justified. This assumes that the Stomp sounds as good as you are telling me, but I trust y'all!
  4. Bought Dave's Allen & Heath mixer. As described, well packed and sent out the next day - all in all a professional level of service. Many thanks and 100% recommendation from me.
  5. Not so easy with a Big Band but I have a pair of Fender in-ears so, one step at a time. I am waiting for the toys professional sound solution to arrive - hopefully tomorrow. I am just a keen amateur these days and it is great to learn from you guys.
  6. Thank you for the interesting reading. That is another dent in my savings! Stomp ordered and I hoping I can ditch the backline and use a PA speaker dedicated to the rhythm section.
  7. Around 500 Watts from a distorting head into a cab rated at 250 Watts (Genzler BA 10-2) is going to end in tears. Sorry if this has been posted before but I could not find it my search. Disclaimers: I like Andertons as a dealer and normally enjoy their videos. This one started off well and then descended into a certain lack of technical understanding. "We are getting that hot smell again" at 24:25. I hope they didn't sell the cab on to an unsuspecting punter. Genzler gear is all I need these days. I have two of their BA 10-2 cabs and a Magellan 350 (the head best matched to this cab) and the rig works superbly well for upright and bass guitar. This is not to deny that the other amps are really good too. Used correctly that is.
  8. Marcus now works for the Sims Guitar Works in Kent. He is there on their Facebook page.
  9. Dave Swift comes across as a great person as well as a top bass player. I really enjoyed the video. Lee too, he might not know his euphonium from his tuba but his shop appears to be succeeding where too many others have failed. He must be doing something right. Or wrong. I fancy trying a 6-string now, as I have to read parts and I have known for a while that what Dave said about 6 strings helping is true. Another bass when I am trying to thin the collection? Oops.
  10. I was told he had moved on when I was last there. I wish him well - he gave me good advice.
  11. UHF (Channel 38) £85.00 for one year and £155.00 for two years. If users decide to purchase this type of licence there is a discount for purchasing direct from our website: £75.00 for one year and £135.00 for two years. https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radiocommunication-licences/pmse/pmse-licence-info
  12. Bought fleabag's Bassbone V2. As described, packed well, quick delivery. A 5-star transaction. Many thanks.
  13. I will second the Markbass Nano 300 suggestion. Simple but with effective tone controls. Small and light enough to fit in a gig bag. Speakon out and the usual DI settings. I cannot comment on the max power output but it drives a Genzler 10” cab with plenty of headroom against a big band.
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