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Basschat Noodle Bar

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Well not much noodle action going on.
But here is me going acoustic.
I don't know why its not recorded in 1080p all the outtakes recorded fine haha. Sound quality isn't too bad though considering recorded with my phone in a little vice lol.


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Ok guys... I have 'unpinned' the Noodle Bar thread, so it is now 'free floating' in the Basschat ether, its prominence to be determined by how frequently it receives new posts.

It had a good innings and was a nice idea to experiment with. But with no new posts since September I feel it's time to put the old girl out to pasture.

Special thanks to Twicam for coming up with the idea and to everyone who contributed. You guys rock :)

Edit to say that if the thread takes on a new lease of life then I'll happily pin it again.

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Ok, so I'm going to bite in the interest of keeping the Noodle Bar in business... :)

Here's a snippet of something I'm cooking up (not for the BC Composition Challenge as it happens). Precision bass played through an API pre-amp with outboard EQ and compression. Rest is all written in MIDI.


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Just discovered this thread. I am a constant noodler throughout the day. I can't resist. I do seem to noodle the same bass-line for some weeks and then move on to another, possibly something newly learned. I've been noodling "The Girl From Ipanema" for some time now. I seem to have mild obsessions with particular tunes from time to time. It's a simple little Latin beat moving a semitone or 2 at a time up and down from the F. My partner commented the other day, "can't you learn some new notes"?

Do you drive your loved one's mad whilst noodling?


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1 hour ago, operative451 said:

...So i was noodling around ...

Zombie thread or not, the winner is...


Here, then, is your Winner's Certificate (download and save as pdf file, then proudly print and frame...) ...


... which looks like this (but bigger, of course..!)...

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Only just found my way back to the Noodle Bar after quite a protracted absence!

I’ve enjoyed catching up with everyone’s contributions – keep them coming (even if they’re infrequent).

Nearly dislocated my neck funking out to Skol’s December noodle and found myself glidding away to Fleabag’s noodling with a gitwrist and Adrenalinn 2.

I’ll see if I can add something to the noodle bar in due course..............

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