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Ltd Edition "splatter" Stingray

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Hi all.

I've got this super Stingray to sell/trade. I believe there were only 25 of these made.

Standard 3EQ setup with:
Ebony finger board, black hardware and of course the flashy paint job.

It has the best neck i've ever had on a stingray, plays like a dream. (I did briefly contemplate swapping the neck from this with my other Ray actually)

£950 delivered in the UK with a MM hardcase or £925 with a battered but functional Gig-bag.

Trade bait with cash adjustments, as needed either way:

Troy Sanders Jaguars
F Nate Mendel P bass
P/J basses
70's P basses (ideally 1979)
Gibson RDs, Victorys or possibly those quirky new EB things
Lakland Duck Dunn P
Warwick Jack bruces (the cheaper indo made ones)





Any further info required just shout

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[quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1448905583' post='2919076']
Hey there TK.
Any issues re condition/functionality?
What sort of playing time has it had?
Are you the first owner from new?


No Issues whatsoever. No dinks or bumps. A bit of pick-guard swirling, the neck is the MM un-finished, gunstock thing so you can see its been played but its not filthy

I'm not the first owner and the MM case is not its original case. It came to me in a trade in the Gig bag.

Personally i've done 1 Rock gig, 5 church services with it and about 20 band practices i guess. Its not been played a lot IMO, not much wear. + Its got a brand new set of Rotosounds on it (well about 2 hrs played)

You/anyone is welcome to come and try it or take a look first. Cup of tea and a hobnob complementary ;)

Heres a little more info on the finish/spec etc: [url="http://www.musicman.de/news/music-man-stingray-special-splatter-edition.html"]http://www.musicman.de/news/music-man-stingray-special-splatter-edition.html[/url]

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[quote name='ashevans09' timestamp='1449416015' post='2923324']
This is a beaut! :)

Thanks :)

Pms replied. Still available ATM type bump

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