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  1. Lol! Posh! Well, I recently moved there from Alnwick. Have I gone up or downmarket?
  2. I'm in Morpeth, have asked to join FB group, great idea!
  3. Just bought a EH big muff pedal from gear4music last week, excellent quick service.
  4. Saw them in Newcastle, excellent gig. Sound was tremendous, I thought the material from the new album sounded much better live than on cd! Didn't miss the growling vocals at all! POS were pretty good too.
  5. Gotta agree with the above, I watched this and was pretty unmoved by it, compared to the earlier days with Chaz. A lot of the material IMO no where near as strong as on New Boots.
  6. Lol! I really love DT, everything they have ever done. Especially with Jordan in the band. Gotta laugh at some of the above ^ comments about him. Everyone entitled to their opinion, but there is just no way you can criticise his talent, just no way! I have seen them live countless times and he is a truly amazing musician.
  7. I have one! The Sunburst version. I love it and have gigged with it quite a bit, using a 5 string Spector at the moment (for gigging), so it doesn't get quite as much use, but still love it! Saw Rush on saturday night, amazing!
  8. [quote name='Norm' post='1214725' date='Apr 29 2011, 11:23 AM']Seeing singers with a lyric sheet on a stand or even holding a book (worse!) always used to get my goat until I had to take over lead vocal duties to keep a band going. I was of the same opinion as you bottlebassman, I've learnt the basslines why can't they learn the lyrics? I still struggle to remember words to 30 odd songs in a 2 setter gig. Sometimes I barely look at the book, some songs I get lost & have to read them (different ones no pattern to it). Yeah, its a crutch as somebody earlier suggested, I know but I don't get stressed about it. I just keep the book low on a cut down stand like a monitor, have large clear print & a little clip on light for dark stages. I've noticed more pro's using lyric sheets, Robert Plant for example on his electric prom gig, Michael Stipe sometimes too. Keep it low & people don't notice it so much. Other general comments to Jambo10. Agree with lots of the comments above, 1. Light from above, front side rather than rear where poss. Difficult at some venues i know. 2. Get yer heads up, look at the audience, smile, interact with the rest of the band, look like you are enjoying yourselves. 3. Backing vox & harmonys lift songs. Work on helping singer out on choruses. 4. Material choice, vary pace & tempo of the 1st set, save some slammers for the last few songs. Choose songs you can all do justice to, especially sing. If the singer is struggling it doesn't matter how good the band are. 4. Don't introduce every song, segway some songs together, take it in turns to introduce songs/chat to audience. Share the load & keep it brief. Your band isn't bad at all but could be loads better (like the rest of us too) All the best & good luck, it sounds like you will get there as you are willing to work at it! Cheers, Norm.[/quote] Yeah don't get me wrong our singer uses a music stand for lyrics for some of our songs (particularly the newer stuff we add to the set), I have no problem with that, but not all the songs?
  9. Your singer should be able to learn and remember some of the lyrics surely? After all, you have to learn and remember the bass lines, yeah?
  10. I watched both clips, 2nd one by far the better performance. Not overly keen on singer's voice, but heard much worse! Just think you all need a bit more "presence". I suffer from the same when we play live, Im improving but it ain't easy!
  11. I, along with the rest of my band will be attending the Newcastle gig, can't wait!
  12. Yes! I have it now and am trying to resist the temptation of a new 5 string! Must resist must resist lol!
  13. Aye! Welcome! Im slightly further North of the Tyne! lol!
  14. I saw them at Newcastle a few weeks back, have to agree, fantastic playing by both guys. But it inspires me! Saw King's X last night, wow! what an underrated band!!! Inspired again by Mr.Pinnick who was seriously cool!
  15. Marillion "This train is my life" Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.
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