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  1. Thanks all for having the time to write about their experiences with companies : ) feel like i have gained good knowledge.
  2. This interview at The Bass Guitar magazine could not be more true!.. "Doug Wimbish continues to push the sonic boundaries of the bass" The man IS A LEGEND!
  3. [quote name='HeavyJay' post='376220' date='Jan 10 2009, 04:54 PM']Cheers! Welcome buddy!! Reminds me of "there we are then"![/quote]
  4. Nice mate, Morocco is awesome! I just went on a stunning holiday there. Good work : )
  5. Hey did you see Joey Jordison on bass! Hers actually pretty awesome!
  6. TMB


    Have you guys seen the Fender precision 60th anniversary bass? It looks beautiful!!!
  7. GUYS!! Dream Theater have officially announced that the title of their upcoming album will be A Dramatic Turn of Events, and it will be released Sept. 13. The band will follow the album with a world tour.
  8. Hey, Musicians Union have the best advise on these sorts of things ; )
  9. Just on my way to pick up my Ibanez Premium SR1205 Vintage Natural Flat !! Super happy
  10. [quote name='tom1946' post='1176353' date='Mar 25 2011, 07:52 PM']I used to sell Richwood Guitars & Basses and the one you are holding was a great bass even in standard form, they came in red with gold fittings too. Great playing [/quote] Doe you know anyone who plays them?
  11. Hi Everyone. I run a music school just outside Stratford-upon-avon. We teach guitar, drums and bass and would love more bass players. Where are you all? We currently have bass lessons available for all ages and abilities and are painfully short of dedicated bass players. Drummers and guitarists out weight you big time! So check out the website and call if you want a top quality dedicated bass teacher......Thanks themusicalbox.co.uk
  12. Thanks....we love what we do! We don't have a dedicated bass teacher at the moment for two reasons. Firstly, the guitar teacher plays both guitar and bass to a high standard and has played both in live situations and secondly we just don't have enough bass students to fill a teachers timetable full time. We are actively looking though to gain more bassists and guitarists (drums is nearly full!) and would like enough so that bass can be taught by a dedicated bass teacher. [quote name='Doddy' post='610790' date='Sep 28 2009, 01:17 PM']I think its great that you run a music school,but how come you don't have a dedicated bass teacher?[/quote]
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