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  1. Anyone know where one replacement saddle for a Hohner The Jack Custom can be found? for a reasonable price? thank you
  2. liking it a lot Tom, would it be possible to come and check it out? whereabouts are you based? John
  3. and...it's mine, mine all mine! (at least until crimble, when my youngest gets his first bass:) A huge thank you to James, a top man to deal with
  4. [quote name='Rexel Matador' timestamp='1483744204' post='3209886'] I wondered about that recently too when setting up a pedalboard. It's weird to us because our language goes that way, right? If we spoke Arabic, Hebrew etc it would seem perfectly sensible. [/quote] lead comes out of instrument on right, so, goes into righthand side of pedal...one less thing to trip over (if you're righthanded, of course)
  5. :-) (three decades at least!) oh well, at least my memory's not as bad as I thought it was!
  6. Fleece & Firkin at a guess? (decades since I've been there though!)
  7. I've seen WEM amps and cabs realise good prices on t'bay...can't think why, only one I ever played through sounded like it had paper mache speaker cones !!
  8. Introduced to him via Thomas Dolby's cover of I Scare Myself. The 'Last Train To Hicksville' has left the station, I will miss him now he's gone away. RIP Dan :'-(
  9. I always find these statements funny..... [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1454875577' post='2973858'] I always find these statements funny. I wonder just how high a percentage of all macs are now bitcoin mines without the owner's knowledge because of this assumption… [/quote] .......uh, I'd assume none! [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1454876554' post='2973874'] I ran MacScan last week but no bitcoin mines came up. Perhaps I should be worried... [/quote] I certainly wouldn't be worried :-) .......and what's this got to do with CBG....a very nice selection of gear & a useful heads up on what looks to be a good shop!
  10. just been reminded of another one that gets me every time- 'to be honest', or, 'to tell you the truth'. Are we to then assume everything else said by these people is a lie?
  11. [quote name='tauzero' timestamp='1427382335' post='2729691'] Assuming you're driving in the UK, you measure your speed in miles per hour. You'd feel pretty silly if that meant that you couldn't travel for any longer than an hour and you needed to get from Birmingham to Edinburgh. [/quote] Sorry, I don't see the relevance of what you're saying here? & why would I be limited to one hour?
  12. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1427380067' post='2729650'] Same thing, surely? [/quote] 400 parts of 100?......still seems illogical to me. (but I guess not to others?) anyway, it's just one of those 'terms and phrases' I personally dislike
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