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  1. Tool - Jambi... Adam's awesome solo🤜🤛
  2. Bought a zoom pedal from Ian, great comms, item was as described and very well packed. A credit to basschat. Thanks.
  3. I'll take it, if only to help pass the new lockdown blues.😂
  4. I am amazed not even a sniff......the pickups alone would be more than the asking price....... Think I will be keeping this one then.....not too upset over that fact to be honest!
  5. forgot to add, I am going away next weekend, so would like this gone before then, so no SENSIBLE offer is going to be refused......
  6. Sold - that was quick...Too cheap...bugger lol!
  7. With regret I am selling my Dean, This is the Q4, active with the Bartoloni pick ups and it sounds fantastic. It has a lovely slender narrow neck and is super fast to play. Since I bought My G&L, this just sits there and collects dust. The finish is georgous, will get a better picture later on. Its in very very good condition, minimal fret wear and plays like a dream, holds its tune and has a fantastic low action. I would want to see around £150.00 for this bass, shipping will be extra and although I wil happily ship, it will be at your risk. I am happy for anyone to come along and have a play first. this really is a bargain at this price, a lot of bass guitar for the money!
  8. This is boxfresh, Rarley used and in great condition. Was only used for a couple of songs, and I know use the BR-2 for them, so its time to move it on and re-coupe some cash. Its in great nick, with the box and all the box candy. £70.00 shipped is a cracking price. cheers!
  9. Virtually new Tonebender Fuzz pedal, the big ol silver beast. Now this is not an original 60s/70s job that people ask billions for, but it is a great box of fuzzness. I have used it 3 times, comes with the box and all the box candy. I bought the New direct from macaris in london. reason for selling, am on holiday soon, and I needs some cash, and.....I have plenty of fuzzy stuff on my board, and this i am hoping will generate the most revenue! I paid £130 odd for this, so for a quick sale, I will take £65.00 shipped! so....somebody snap this up before I change my mind! Bank transfer preffered! can do Paypal, cash, bottle tops or goats eyes!
  10. I bought a Br-2 from James, All good, well packed, good communications etc etc! deal in confidence folks!
  11. Higgie....would you take £40.00 shipped?
  12. We are (re)Tool, and are in the position of searching for a singer. We are very committed, and play to a high standard. We are very accurate in what we play and have our sights set high as to our knowledge there is no UK Tool tribute act. We have our own secure rehearsal space with PA and kettle. All we ask is that you are as committed as we are, Our drummer has been around the scene, and supported some big name bands such as bullet for my valentine etc and he is confident we have what it takes once we get the right singer. Age and looks do not matter...its all about ability and attitude. let me know if you are interested or know someone that could be! Thanks Jon
  13. [quote name='TomWIC' timestamp='1338314055' post='1672637'] Four-piece alternative metal band, i.e. Stone Sour, Deftones, Alice In Chains. [url="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Walk-In-Coma/65996290389"]http://www.facebook....oma/65996290389[/url] P.S. Our first single is hitting iTunes tonight </shamelessplug> [/quote] I like fella, We should hook up and do some double headers!
  14. [url="http://www.facebook.com/retool462"]www.facebook.com/retool462[/url] I look after the page and perform bass duties ...... Its early days for us, but the extra support is always welcomed. We are hoping to get a good following over the next year, and gigs are starting to happen now! I am really lucky as the guys I play with are pretty awesome...have made me a better player!
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