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  1. That was my issue. I was playing in a very loud thrash band at the time and to get the volume needed I was pushing the amp into distortion, and the only way to avoid farting was to cut the low end - instant Lemmy but not right for the band at the time. I often wonder if I was doing something wrong as I was playing through two custom Matamp 4x12s and still found the whole thing underpowered. Still, the guitar player I sold it to loved it.
  2. "I had hoped for a pyramid"
  3. I remember playing the Rithmic at the LBGS a few years ago. It was a classy instrument, gorgeous to play. The tone was a bit too refined for my tastes, and the nut was extremely narrow.
  4. Indeed. I had one for a while... didn't cut it. Sold it to a guitarist 🤣
  5. Lemmy didn't use guitar amps, he used the Marshall Superbass. Admittedly it's an amp more beloved of guitarists than bassists!
  6. I've always thought that the studio version of Spirit of Radio has a distinctly uncharacteristic Geddy tone, very clean and tight. Of course, the playing and notes give him away anyway.
  7. A Gibson SG bass? They were only introduced a few years ago... Forgive the pedantry, I'm sure you meant one of the EB variants but this thread does seem to be intent on some sort of accuracy about... something.
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