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  1. That's a beautiful colour!
  2. Family photo Left to right: Zon, ACG, Fodera, Fender, Mayones. Fodera is the latest addition, came a couple days ago. The ACG came a couple of months ago too. The addiction has finally been fulfilled! He says....
  3. For those interested I work in Portsmouth often so drive up and down between there and yorkshire so would prefer to personally deliver if poss!
  4. Ha, I'm probably gonna take it off soon. I was selling it to fund something but its been on so long I can afford it without needing to sell now.
  5. Year I was born...damn, would love this. This'll get snapped up!
  6. Waiting on a bass to sell. Commenting here to come back easily incase someone buys my bass before yours sells!
  7. Still not 100% sure Im gonna sell it yet! Im leaving it on here incase anyone tempts me on a good day but I do feel I'll regret it. We shall see.
  8. I'll start as I recieved my new 6 string last week. An ACG Uber spec recurve. Compliments my 5 String Zon sonus very nicely!
  9. Gorgeous isnt it? Im doing a big house move shortly, in a few weeks to a month or so when I have time I'll get a youtube video up or something. Until I get some proper footage from festivals etc over the summer.
  10. It's ready! It'll be with me on Tuesday in time for practice.
  11. Thanks a lot! Thats all stuff im relatively familiar with. Sounds like I just need to be better then! Cheers haha
  12. Title says it all really, whenever I see Mike Bendy demo Fodera's he has fantastic knowledge of chord theory and it's something I've always wanted to learn but I've no idea what resources to go about using. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers!
  13. One more update before its done. One of the pickups was slightly damaged in transit to Alan so another will be arriving next tuesday.
  14. 4kg! So like 8.8lbs. Was talking rubbish, remembered I do have a scale to hand.
  15. Should have added for anyone wondering, its not got a huge fat neck. Its 17mm string spacing. So for anyone else looking, fear not, the neck doesn't feel like holding an ironing board! Unlike my new 6 string ACG coming next week.
  16. Just listed my Zon for sale if anyone here is bothered! My Recurve will be here next week so standby for photos!
  17. 2017 model. Gigged 3 times for 30 minutes each and in as new condition essentially. Comes with hiscox hardcase which it lives in. Its my absolute pride and joy. Its perfectly setup and is the best bass you could ever want. Immaculate condition. Incredibly difficult to get hold of and the waiting list for a zon is 4+ years at £5k+. Built in June, 2017 Body: Two-piece select swamp ash core with book matched Burl maple top. Finish: Flat satin. Neck: Composite, bolt-on design. 34” scale, Radius: 12", Graphite Nut Fretted phenowood board (no dots on face). Bartolini 3 band active controls. Pickups designed for Zon by Bartolini. Type: Neck: narrow aperture, passive, linear single coil design. JB style shell. Bridge: narrow aperture, passive, linear single coil design. JB style shell. Bridge: ZON. Machined brass. String spacing .687"/17mm (string-to-string center) Tuners: Gotoh GB-7 Finish: Chrome The only reason I'm selling is Ive seen a 5 string Wal for sale which I have on hold nd if I can sell this I can Part-exchange the rest of my gear to fully fund it. Any questions let me know.
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