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  1. I have purchased this bass from James_Taylor from here about two weeks ago. It is as good as James advertised i just need to recover some funds as i just managed to get a cab i have been after for over a year and i mainly play 5 strings. I spoke with James and got a permission to use his post. It is literally same bass 2 weeks later + new set of Rotosound nickel strings. I prefer pickup from Maidstone, Kent, I am 3 minutes off the highway. Alternatively I am in South London twice a week (Thornton Heath or Lower Sydenham).
  2. I have purchased this wonderful cabinet from Alan on this forum. I have played few church services before my church decided to purchase 410 TC Electronic cab. Since then this has been staying at home and serving as part of a practice rig. I am going back to the GK since i managed to finally get my hands on the Neo IV series, hence the sale. Amazing speaker in great condition, if you are reading this, I am sure I do not have to praise the quality of Bergantino speakers. I hope Alan does not mind adding the link to his original post. You can see the photos in there. I will add my photos in due course. I would much rather prefer the pick up, alternatively I am in South London twice a week, I could deliver it there. Let me know if you have any queries.
  3. To be honest just tuners are worth about that…
  4. Very long shot haha. Unfortunately not a chance Martin, about to meet a client...I wish we all could earn living playing bass :).
  5. Cracking little amp, perfect for home practice with serious power for small/medium gigs when needed. GLWTS!
  6. Little to no love for Ibanez on basschat :).
  7. Bass sold somewhere else, please lock this thread. Thank you.
  8. Got mine from basschat about a month ago, could have not been happier with it after few church Sundays. I am sure it will be gone in a heart beat.
  9. Thank you @TheGreek :). There is plenty of info directly on GK website. https://www.gallien-krueger.com/neo-cabinets-old I find it hilarious that they get wattage wrong on the main side.
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