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  1. To be honest just tuners are worth about that…
  2. Very long shot haha. Unfortunately not a chance Martin, about to meet a client...I wish we all could earn living playing bass :).
  3. Cracking little amp, perfect for home practice with serious power for small/medium gigs when needed. GLWTS!
  4. Little to no love for Ibanez on basschat :).
  5. Bass sold somewhere else, please lock this thread. Thank you.
  6. Got mine from basschat about a month ago, could have not been happier with it after few church Sundays. I am sure it will be gone in a heart beat.
  7. Thank you @TheGreek :). There is plenty of info directly on GK website. https://www.gallien-krueger.com/neo-cabinets-old I find it hilarious that they get wattage wrong on the main side.
  8. Hi there, for sale is my Gallien Krueger Neo 112 II cab, I am the first owner. I have had it for about 5 years and It has been used weekly during Sunday service in a small church. I ran it with my beloved GK MB200, so it has been played but never pushed. It is in a perfect working condition, some small cosmetic scuffs as expected from a 5 year old cab. I recently upgraded my amp to GK Legacy 800 and decided to upgrade the cab with it, hence the sale. You are welcome to come over, give it a try and hopefully take it home! I do not mind delivering within 45min drive. I do not want to mail it, but if you are willing to arrange the courier that's absolutely fine with me.
  9. Thank you sir, indeed great bass, just does not get nearly enough playtime it deserves .
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