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  1. Are these ok with active basses?
  2. 100% fingers, I can't get the expression, the ghost notes, the contrast and all that with a pick. If I was in a Yes tribute band it would be pick all the way but I'm not and I don't want to be so......... PS I admire pick players, I'm just not one.......
  3. Going to a go-go - Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
  4. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - The Beatles
  5. At least they didn't rhyme it with haemorrhoid.....
  6. Yeah anything Jamiroquai is hard to nail the vibe, quite a lot of FX in there. I've done a few recently, Time Won't Wait is fun to play. Hard to look effortless when your tongue is sticking out though.....
  7. Hi all. Like about 200 others I just jumped ship from TalkBass today. Been peering over the hedge for a long while so thought I should become a fully paid up member. I've been playing bass for about 5 years, before that I played g****r and keys in various go-nowhere bands. Then I migrated to the bass and never looked back. Playing in three bands ATM, a gigging covers band (60s soul, R&B and party-type music), a funk band which I started up just before lockdown (doh!) and a jazz quartet ( to drag me out of my comfort zone). I play Yamaha TRB fretless for jazz, a TRBX 305 for funk and a self build p type bass for a more classic vibe. I play through a Markbass 500 Tube and 2 Vanderkley 112 EXTs and have an always-off dx166 compressor. Looking forward to lots of interesting bass chat!
  8. The cleaner pulled the plug out to Hoover
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