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  1. [quote name='cameltoe' post='848912' date='May 26 2010, 08:58 PM']Have a bump on me. I'm a Precision man at heart but I tried a stingray the other day and loved it. Black on maple is the best colour by a mile too. My next bass for sure! £700 seems ridiculously cheap for a stingray. I think it may be suffering from the fact that there seem to be a few second-hand ones around at the moment. Things seem to come into trend- I'm sure Fenders are 'in' at the moment. They don't seem to be hanging around, even the Classic Vibe squiers are getting snapped up quick. Stingrays are so cheap now, I can't understand why people aren't taking advantage. I would be, if I had the funds. Hopefully the prices will still be low when I next get my hands on £700! Good luck.[/quote] Thanks Cameltoe! + Pm Replied Bassalot! Cheers Tom
  2. Any one for a Stingray?.... Bump.
  3. [quote name='OutToPlayJazz' post='841798' date='May 19 2010, 10:25 AM'][b]Candy[/b] *sob* [b]Apple[/b] *sob* [b]Red[/b] *sob* [b]Pearloid[/b] *sob* Why did you have to show me that?? Very very nice! [/quote] +1 Lush, lush, lush!!!
  4. [quote name='richardd' post='843508' date='May 20 2010, 08:18 PM'] Hi Tom. Just cannot make my mind up about stingrays,the last one I had was a pre Ernie Ball and could barely hear the G so put me off a bit,I am sure they are fine as there are loads about.pity you are so far away,or we could look see,anyway how is life down on the farm. Rich [/quote] Yeah fine thanks. Although we are seriously needing some rain down in this part of the world, people are starting to mutter about 1976 etc..... +Yes. Trial periods are preferable for bass swaps I think. Or at least a try out. Personally i love the sound of my ray, + the G is fine to my ears at least. (Mind you, i have had 2 and never noticed any problems)? I just love the feel and playability of Jazz necks and find i only use it now as a back up really. I guess my ideal swap would be a Sterling....... pretty much impossible to find em tho! Good luck with the sale mate Someone has got to buy this soon, surely...? It is a seriously high spec bass for £700 ......
  5. [quote name='richardd' post='843182' date='May 20 2010, 03:08 PM'] Like I said [/quote] I'll still swap mate
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  8. [quote name='Johnston' post='838006' date='May 15 2010, 11:14 AM']Just noticed they are all 33.27" scale rather than 34". For the rick-a-like you could understand but why do the others short too.[/quote] They do look Fab for the money. What difference in terms of sound will that shorter scale length make?
  9. [quote name='richardd' post='837881' date='May 15 2010, 08:08 AM'] Bump [/quote] Hi Rich, how goes it? If i can sell my Stingray, i would be very interested in this. Just thought i ought to offer a straight swap though if you fancy it?? [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=88074"]Black/Black/Maple Stingray4[/url] Cheers mate. Tom
  10. Have thought long and hard about this and finally decided to part with my favourite "Ray"................. [size=4][color="#FF0000"]Thought some more and decided to keep!!! [/color]:[/size] [s]My first real decent Bass. Never played a better sounding one, it has loads of Bottom end compared with any others i've had or tried, no idea why...but it just has ok!? I bought an American Deluxe Jazz a few weeks ago now and i just cant go back to the neck on the Ray, lovely as it sounds. It is in great condition and only been owned by me from new. There is one small ding on the top of the body shown below. It will come with a new set of strings, I will either put them on or leave in the case for you to put on as you prefer it done. I would like £700 firm. Free delivery in the UK. + Will ship anywhere else at buyers expense. Trade-wise. Straight swap for a Sterling or newish US Jazz, would probably be happy to do a deal on a nice Jap or mexican Jazz with extra cash to me, maybe an Aerodyne non export model... Try me, just as long as it is jazz/sterling type necked. Appologies, pics not the best, will e-mail more/better pics if required..[/s]Cheers Tom
  11. Down on the corner-CreedenceClearwaterRevival Sooo simple, yet soooo good!!!
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  13. Welcome along! Nice basses BTW
  14. TommyK


    Welcome along!
  15. Hi. Welcome along! Tom
  16. Whilst on subject of the Aerodyne, (I quite fancy one) More Basschat induced GAS How easy is it to drop an onboard pre-amp into one? And is it possible without doing any routing for battery etc... Thanks in advance peeps!
  17. [quote name='StevieC' post='829260' date='May 6 2010, 07:10 AM']Planet Earth - Duran Duran (Played with a pick, though fingers is my normal style) Cissy Strut - The Meters Steve[/quote] How weird...I literally just discovered the work of "the meters" on spotify randomly about 5 minutes ago in a rambling "related artists" chain of links. Great band and Cissy Strut is an amazing tune.......anyway.. Start of the chain was RHCP, listening to "pretty little ditty" by them cos thats what i have just learnt. (very pleased with myself, can't wait to show off at band practice)
  18. [quote name='faceman' post='826108' date='May 3 2010, 01:06 AM']Does anyone have any suggestions where to begin, what to read, watch! Also any beginner slap tunes that could be worth trying?[/quote] Like some of you other guys got the pop thing fairly quickly. It took me ages and ages to get the slap thumb thing right, mainly it just didn't sound right, then i watched some old aussie guy on youtube explaining in real simple terms and suddenly just got it! Then it only takes years and years of practice to get faster and remain accurate!!! My tip for a good beginners/first slap track is "jungleman" by RHCP. It is nice and slow and groovey. And pretty simple too. Have fun!
  19. Nice one John. I am always full of admiration for people who are preparred to make the effort to organise these sort of events. Will be nice to meet up.... I will be there!! Tom
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