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  1. [quote name='Rosh' post='803739' date='Apr 12 2010, 02:02 PM']I didn't mean the basses, I'm sure they are fantastic, I just meant not being able to contact someone I'd bought a bass off overseas without playing it would worry me slightly, as would the constant use of capital letters in the ad![/quote] Hmmmm. He is a big volume seller, very good feedback....It does say to... "please call me" instead?? There is a returns policy too if you read the blurb in his shop page. They are also B stock items so i imagine the margins are fairly tight if you know what i mean. Nothing to get too worried about i would think, I'm only lurking at the moment anyway, no bidding as of yet, need to sell a gu$%*ar to raise some funds first. It just looks like an interesting option..... Thanks for the concern though!
  2. There is a shop in the states, selling B-stock Schecter basses on the Bay. see yer: [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SCHECTER-OMEN-EXTREME-5-5-STRING-BASS-GUITAR-BLUE_W0QQitemZ130381961280QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item1e5b5ed840"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SCHECTER-OMEN-EXTREM...=item1e5b5ed840[/url] I am feeling pretty much G.A.S free on the 4 string front nowadays, just really want to have another bash at conquering the 5ers. Quite interested in a 35" scale one too, so this seems to fit the bill quite nicely. Spec and finish seems brilliant for the money...too good to be true? Opinions please... Cheers Tom
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  4. Just bought Rich's Mesa 410 cab. Excellent guy to deal with + excellent Cab! Cheers mate! Tom
  5. Very nice! Good idea that, you can change look whenever you want for next to nowt.
  6. [quote name='Prime_BASS' post='797135' date='Apr 6 2010, 01:29 AM']I got my SVT-3 pro for around 425GBP and that was with a case bag thing that racks it and keeps it relatively safe. Not really had an issue with it's volume though, it does 450 w at 4 ohm and 275w at 8 ohm which isn't weedy, but no good having all that wattage if the cabs can't cut the mustard. I recon 1k is a nice budget you can get a good new or brilliant used for around half then you have the rest to spend on a nice cab[/quote] +1 I got my SVT-3pro from Andy67 on here for around the 400 mark. It has a brilliant sound for what you are doing, spend 5-600 on the best Cab you can get and you will be sorted. I have never had any loudness issues with mine + today i took delivery of a Mesa Powerhouse 410, also from here for 500 ish. It is now officially a VERY LOUD setup!! It keeps up with two cranked 100W Marshall-All valve Gui*%$r amps and those noisy, crashy drums without even breaking a sweat!!! Have fun! Tom
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  8. [quote name='BassJase' post='794786' date='Apr 3 2010, 01:15 AM']Sure you won't post the Traben?.....[/quote] Hmmm + ditto the Ibanez?
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  10. [quote name='richardd' post='791790' date='Mar 31 2010, 12:44 PM'] Sold To Mr Tommyk Thanks very much Tom Tis A Great Cab [/quote] Thanks Rich Just, can't wait to bury our lead guitarist in Bass with it!
  11. [quote name='Jimelliottbassist' post='779615' date='Mar 19 2010, 11:47 AM']Mint condition![/quote] Hey up Jim. Is this my old one? For all potential purchasers; Jim is a top man to deal with BTW!
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  13. As a dairy farmer myself i am finding this thread to be of much interest. Dave, You are giving me cow bass GAS, which is as we all well know, not good for the environment!
  14. Cool. Do they do it in LPB or Sunburst?
  15. I had one of these about 18 months ago which i bought on e-bay for £130!! It is the only bass i regret selling! It convinced me that 5 strings were doable and i loved it. So stupidly i traded it with 2 other fenders for a Stingray5. Although the Stingray was a little easier to play (the necks are W-i-d-e on the Squiers...) it didn't sound half as good to my ears...! (and i love my Stingray4) So i ended up going back to 4s again. I Think the output of these, especially the low B is phenomenal for such a bargin price, think no more....go and get one, if you don't like it i'll have it off you!!! Seriously I am selling a fairly pricey bass at the moment and buying a slightly cheaper one to replace it. I am hoping to get another Squier Jazz V with the left overs
  16. [quote name='martthebass' post='770782' date='Mar 10 2010, 06:54 PM']Wish you hadn't done that! Weight?[/quote] Still 9.1 lbs!
  17. More Pics as promised folks...
  18. [quote name='martthebass' post='769240' date='Mar 9 2010, 01:57 PM']I'd really like this (seeing as I'm going through my 1970's Fender Jazz GAS phase) but I don't think I could ever forgive myself for selling my MM/Status/Overwater (delete as applicable)....[/quote] Hmmm could well be tempted by the 30th anni-Ray if Magnolia's Flea has gone before i get a sale??.....
  19. Thanks for all the interest folks. For those that wanted to know. Weight is 4.1Kgs or 9.1 lbs. Whichever you prefer. Will endeavor to get some better/bigger body pics up soon. Oh yeah, and a...Bump.
  20. I have a Fender 1973 Jazz bought in November from Heartbreaker. Serial No: 396809. (using his pics too by the way as my camara is currently MIA) Comes with a non original hard case. All hardware (pick-ups, tuners, bridge etc..) is original. Body was Re-finished 5 years ago. + one of the tone knobs has a standard carpentry style screw holding it on instead of the original!! This has happed at some point years ago, could easily be rectified, but as Heartbreaker said to me it kind of adds to the character of the beast really. A few little dings here and there but all round, VGC for 37 yrs old. Great player + all the nice warm early 7o's tone you could ever want. I am not 100% sure this is the right thing to do really but.....GAS Strikes... I absolutely love playing this at home and at small gigs where the Gui*@!ist isn't stupidly loud, but in a full on rock situation my Stingray is always going to eat it alive.... Hmmm...I love the sound of passive basses in general but just can't get them to work in really loud live situations???? Thought about going for an active 5er again but decided i am still a 4 string kinda guy.... So now I am really Gassing for Magnolia's Modulus Flea and he cant do trades, so I need to move this on for the funds. In an ideal money no object world i would keep and have a Flea as well, but reality is hard... I am looking for £1400 ono or a trade deal for a Modulus Flea with a Lane Poor Pup I guess.. Cheers Tom
  21. [quote name='Magnolia' post='752034' date='Feb 20 2010, 06:39 PM']The neck is just awesome. It makes even a shoddy player like me be able to play good. Its just the easiest neck to play.[/quote] Sent you another e-mail Nick. Re-trade if yer still interested? Cheers Tom
  22. TommyK

    take care

    [quote name='waynepunkdude' post='744650' date='Feb 14 2010, 11:38 AM']WTF?[/quote] Ditto.....What on earth is going on here????
  23. [quote name='BottomEndian' post='741083' date='Feb 10 2010, 02:52 PM']I don't know the tune either, but nothing's easy if you don't know how to do it! Method 1: Play the harmonic normally, then press the string down at that position and slide. If you do it nice and smoothly, you'll keep the harmonic sounding as you press down. Just make sure it doesn't turn into a hammer-on! Method 2: Use artificial harmonics, frett(less)ing the fundamental note with the left hand and simultaneously stopping the string at the harmonic position [i]and[/i] plucking with the right hand. Then slide! For example, if you "fret" with the left hand at the 5th position, the octave harmonic can be generated with a finger of your right hand over the 17th "fret", and all the other harmonics spread out from there in the normal way. Method 1 is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy (but requires the harmonic to be one of the open-string harmonics!). Method 2 is more flexible and less likely to get fluffed by an inadvertent hammer-on, but takes more practice.[/quote] Many thanks everyone, esp..BottomEndian. Methods 1 & 3 work just fine! Will practice method 2 for homework!!!
  24. [quote name='bilbo230763' post='741073' date='Feb 10 2010, 02:42 PM']Sliding harmonics on a fretless is easy. Don't know this tune so can't comment on the specifics.[/quote] Aha.. Mr Ament is a keen advocate of the fretless bass, so this might explain it! Is it possible to do it on a fretted? Youtube's favourite Swiss maestro seems to be doing so here: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sjsUHujB44&feature=related"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sjsUHujB44...feature=related[/url] Just can't figure out how???
  25. As the title suggests.... can play everything fine, exept; how on earth do you do the best bit!!!!????
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