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Vibrating G String

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  1. 15 string bass

    [quote name='dood' timestamp='1305290981' post='1229908'] Not shouting or ranting, just would like to add a bit of perspective to the thread. Sometimes I am amazed at the closed mindedness of some!! - I've long hair, a goatee and long hair..oh dear, I play more than one ERB and like Dream Theater. WTF does that make me? [/quote]A moderator A true mod would get more upset with that comment than all the extremely rude comments that came before it. A good mod, well I haven't seen one yet
  2. 15 string bass

    [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1327778207' post='1516717'] The fact that it was disclosed that the chap in the video is a member on here and everyone still felt free to be so rude and offensive is pretty disgusting. [/quote]Is rudeness only to be used when you can use it in secret behind someones back? I find that more disgusting and an example of the problems with tribalism.
  3. 15 string bass

    [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1327774392' post='1516630'] How many strings does a good bass player 'need'? One. I guess we're all a bunch of douches [/quote]For the most part that's true.
  4. 15 string bass

    [quote name='JAUQO III-X' timestamp='1327771268' post='1516568'] And to say that you've met me and that I was a douch is a out right lie. I respect people when I am allowed in their space. [/quote]Oh we've met many times, hung out a bit and I've even helped you in the design of 3 of your basses I was talking about Turner in my quote, who I've also met and stand by my original assessment. You I like. But let's not use real names here [attachment=98417:BassChat.jpg]
  5. Vote on the Basschat Reputation System

    [quote name='Big_Stu' timestamp='1321745293' post='1442753'] I'm not falling for that - it's just a ruse to get me to change my settings back to "view signatures". I don't use a signature - I write an X in wax crayon & put a big thumb-print next to it. [/quote]I just noticed my post violated my own rule
  6. Vote on the Basschat Reputation System

    [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1321658065' post='1441831']Already we know of one member (not a mod) who created a separate profile so they could like their own posts under the other profile and then asked why we were taking issue with their posts when they were liked so many times...but my lips will remain sealed...they know who they are. [/quote]Since you're only choice here is to ban or admit you may have been wrong I'll go down in flames. Your lips haven't remained sealed, you're gossiping and trying to make personal attacks with supposedly private information. And If I can't talk about all the people who have liked my posts as testimonial for my reputation then what's the point of a popularity contest? I've only used it for what you yourself said it's purpose was. You've already said you will moderate which likes and dislikes stay based on your opinion of their validity. Maybe a pet would satisfy these needs better?
  7. Technofret AdvancedFretLevelling tool

    It would be delight if you weren't simply lying Maybe read the rest of your post where you go on with many other personal insults. Fortunately you have a mod on your side and a ban proving your truth should be along shortly as he's already dropping hints in other threads about his displeasure with my differing opinion. You don't have to be right to win
  8. Vote on the Basschat Reputation System

    [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1321737887' post='1442688'] I personally think it's just a way of feeding the warped egos of the archetypal internet 'warriors', and the fact that someone has opened a fake account so they can 'like' their own posts really illustrates that far better than mere words. [/quote]That a mod would be heavily dropping hints and comments about it shows that the system is already being abused and far from anonymous. This particular mod has an argument with me in another thread and I feel this is being used to win that. I've already been told by one mod that I will be banned if I say anything negative about a mod. Yeah reputation system My girlfriend opened an account to mock the whole thing. So you have a slander issue that's factually wrong. Sure she did it to protect me but am I going to tell her to stop as the internet is a scared place and people will get totally bent out of shape if you mock them? I'm sure there's no way this will be rectified short of simply silencing me. So long and thanks for all the fish.
  9. Vote on the Basschat Reputation System

    [quote name='Big_Stu' timestamp='1321702495' post='1442115']What I do think is a waste of space is the endless lists of every single bit of kit a person owns - or worse still a huge list of every artist a person listens to - there should be a limit to the number of lines that can occupy. [/quote]I think no post should go through that is shorter than the signature
  10. Reputation system

    [quote name='risingson' timestamp='1321628721' post='1441422'] The points system is kind of neither here nor there. I do think that some might use it to pursue vendettas though and maybe tip the balance of reasoned debate the wrong way - just because one opinion is less popular doesn't make it less valid etc. Equally it might make people think a bit more about what they post before they post it, and that's got to be a good thing on a communal forum. Time will tell I suppose! [/quote]While I can definitely see the positive sides it does steer the forum to one that favors less discourse and more tribalism overall. The only people who I think will worry about making posts are the ones with reason, those without will still post as they feel. To me it's a tool for the lowest common denominator to exert their influence without having to be able to illustrate their opinions. I feel if you have a disagreement you should be able to state your case and stand by it and not just simply click a button that will have the same value as a reasoned argument. I think it will soon be a popularity contest with certain groups always liking posts in their group to show how much better they are regardless of the content.
  11. Technofret AdvancedFretLevelling tool

    [quote name='murrmac123' timestamp='1321638788' post='1441580'] Well, well, well, I thought this thread was dead and gone, but I am delighted to see that Vibrating G string is still alive and kicking, and still posting in his inimitable style. [/quote]Do you really think all this name calling will help sell your stick? It's supposed to be against forum policy and it makes you look desperate. I've also noticed how you belittle other products, wouldn't it be more of a grown up thing to not cry when others do the same thing you do?
  12. Technofret AdvancedFretLevelling tool

    [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1321593656' post='1441000'] Stay away. The inventor knows bugger all about fret dressing. Getting the neck straight, dressing fingerboard/frets flat and reintroducing relief to taste will still get better results than filing bow into a warped neck. [/quote]That sounds reasonable to me EDIT: But after reading your following posts I don't think you mean what I read
  13. Technofret AdvancedFretLevelling tool

    A bowed stick, awesome
  14. Your Bass Playing Quirks

    I tend to close my eyes and space out a lot. Sometimes when I open them I'm surprised to find out where I am.
  15. Anyone Out There With a Wal Fretless With a Coated Fingerboard?

    [quote name='Shaggy' timestamp='1321558169' post='1440700'] Danish oil (from any B&Q etc) is a blend that contains Tung oil - whether polymerised or not I have no idea - and I use that on all my unlacquered boards, fretless and fretted, once a year or so. With regular use it seems to harden and seal / waterproof the outer "skin" of the wood without actually being a coating, especially good for those "sweaty hand" gigs [/quote]I believe it's not polymerized and that's why it will penetrate a bit. IME it can take a long time to dry but it does offer some moisture protection and darkens the wood color in a pleasing way. I think it can help stabilize a finished neck with an unfinished board as it will slow down moisture changes and keep some of the sweat out.