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  1. I played in bands throughout my teenage years and but life just happened and I stopped making music. A hand injury a few years ago meant my old technique didn’t work (self taught and really bad anyway). A jam session with friends a couple of years ago brought back to me how much I loved making music so I’ve used the pandemic to relearn the bass. Now I’m looking to do some jamming, either live or recording. Open to covers or helping with writing. I’m up for funk/soul and play rock and pop. I’m in my mid 40s with a full time job so I’m not looking to take on any serious commitment. Based in London SE14 with a portable rig.
  2. Yep. Also, check out his breakdown of Mayor Of Simpleton by XTC. His love for the song, the band and his understanding of what they are doing musically really inspired me to learn the bassline (try to learn the bassline...) AND the band share the track files with him so he's actually able to dive into the instruments one-by-one. A really excellent video, one of his best IMO.
  3. By someone who knows what they're doing! I'm fine tweaking, I can sort the intonation or make an adjustment, but it's such a pleasure to start from a good setup in the first place.
  4. I. Am. In. Shock. I don't know the name of their luthier but he's a sodding miracle worker - my bits-jazz is just amazing! It plays so, so nicely. The cheap Squier body is LIGHT and the neck and body combo is perfect. It has a very slight dead spot but nothing like the USA Pro I used to have. Thank you Bass Gallery! £45 well spent indeed....
  5. This one: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/enfield-eye-ex-demo I mean, it's a beautiful piece of work. Looks and feels amazing, can't fault it and I'm sure I could play anything at all on it with those pickups, but I didn't feel like I wanted to. Mind you, I really don't like lacquered necks so maybe that put me off a bit. I don't know why...
  6. Just tried an Enfield out in the Bass Gallery earlier today. It left me cold. Oh, a superb instrument, without a doubt, but it struck me that it was very much a professional tool to get the job done, any job at all. I didn't get any kind of vibe off it so while I'm sure it was worth the £3,000 asking price I was very happy to hand it back to the nice man in the shop to hang on the wall. For me, a Dingwall has that "modern" feel and style, just as versatile but seems to have mojo.
  7. They're not bad, very nice team in there. My local dude is Graham Park, he's very good but rather pricey and too busy at the moment. I'll certainly let you know the outcome.
  8. Yeah, I'm going to take it to a luthier for a proper setup. I'm going over to The Bass Gallery on Friday.
  9. I did a very tidy job with my needle files, never went near the ones from Amazon so they're going back. However, I'm hot happy with the end results and rather than go too low I'm gonna take the bass for a setup. I've shimmed the neck and I'm convinced in more experienced hands the action can be taken lower but I'm reluctant to mess too much with the truss rod.
  10. Cheers. I'm gonna do some work on my FrankenJazz this weekend, if I end up not ruining it then I may be back in touch. Cheers!
  11. Hi. I've just looked these up and they came as either “warm and wooly” or “clean and clear” wind. Do you know which these are? Cheers!
  12. Ah... just saw this. Well, I'll give it a go and I'll be very gentle and if they don't work I'll just get a refund. That's the good thing about amazon.
  13. Right, yes. I followed the link above and got a set through amazon. I'd been looking on eBay but the amazon set seems fine and for £8 or whatever I'll stick with them. A little project for the weekend!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Thanks for this, everyone - I'll see how I get on!
  16. Yeah, I think that'd work for the heavier gauge strings, but I don't want the first string rattling about. One of the needle files has a nice oval shape so it ought to make a good groove, still, it's just a cheap plastic nut so if I mess it up it won't be the end of the world.
  17. Hi. I've got a replacement neck and need to file the nut for the strings. This is something I'm not likely to do again so I'm reluctant to pay for a specialist set of files, but I do have needle files. Could I cut the grooves with those? Or some fine sandpaper folded over, say, the edge of a credit card? It's just a cheap plastic nut.
  18. I've played one of them in the combo they did. Odd dimensions, very shallow, but fair play it's got a great sound. Amazing amount of volume for a 200w amp and you can run it with a power amp too as it has a crossover. Really nice piece of kit. Worth a bump.
  19. Got a couple of pickguards of Dave, all very straight-forward. Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Isn't it nicer than the white one it used to have? Thanks Dave, you made the bass much better!
  20. Definitely - and the upgrade in the electronics is definitely worthwhile. Can totally recommend KiOgon's products.
  21. I guess it's hit and miss - I found my bass just got louder and "bigger" but I realised it wasn't a tone I would use. Maybe live, but recorded I prefer the woody tone of the neck, the scooped of both together or the poppy-honky bridge but that may be the particular pickups on that specific bass. It's hard to know till you try.
  22. This may be why the emails didn't get through... No. Actually for Graham Park, a very good luthier in Lewisham. Well, if people find this review for him anyway he was/is really good.
  23. I had a bass setup by Graham. He's a lovey chap and knows his stuff, for sure. He's expensive, but he's good. My only criticism is that my emails to him weren't getting through (for some reason they were ending up in spam) and he didn't give me a phone number so I ended up having to call round to approve the work! I'd happily use again, but only on an instrument I valued enough to take to him or had such big problems it needed someone with his skills.
  24. Those strings are on that bass for life. I'm not paying that amount of money for a set of strings ever again.
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