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  1. Yes, it feels great. Mind you, I am upgrading from a £140 Harley Benton JB. The Fender weighs about 4% of the HB. Its got flats on it; never used ‘em before. Lovely. Props to the GAS - a concept (well the label at least) that I learnt on this forum.
  2. @TheGreek I’m now back in Stevenage; where do you go to get your bass(es) set up? tia
  3. I’ve never been so keen to rehearse with the band (formed during lockdown, we haven’t started yet) but agree it’s probably not that safe yet. Keep trying to justify it
  4. So is Mrs Manny which is why ‘we’ choose to live here.
  5. Thanks all 👍. I forgot to mention that I (still) want to be Paul Simonon when I grow up. @The Greek I grew up in Stevenage. Where are you based?
  6. Amazing thread. I started reading it two hours ago and followed a lot of links/googled stuff that was mentioned. I had my heart set on a p bass (squier kind of price level) when I eventually have to return my borrowed one but the Sire brigade have got me questioning it. Ive also bought a cheap mini midi keyboard and Ableton even though I don’t know the first thing about any of that. Very interested in the audio interface chat too.
  7. I don’t normally bother with intros when I find a forum of interest but this place seems very friendly & welcoming. In fact I’ve just disappeared down a wormhole of all the others’ introductions... In the 90s I played bass in three man riot https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=465765 We were a punk band and I just played the root note of the guitar with a pick and learned to do so in time. I never progressed beyond that. Our basslines (and songs) might be the least complicated ever. I stopped playing once I got a responsible-ish job and wife and child until 20 years later ended up in a rehearsal studio with the old crew and we played the handful of songs that we could remember. I fell instantly back in love with the bass and have been practicing since (c. 3 months ago). Lockdown affords a lot of practice time. I love it, I want to learn so much more than I ever did in the band. I can hardly play any riff - no matter how simple - without the strings buzzing/missing notes/fingers aching; I’m basically a total beginner again but loving starting from scratch. There are many more options to learn from now with all the tabs, YouTube videos etc. I’ve been using TalkingBass site a lot and just signed up for Fenders free 3 months of lessons. I use a borrowed Fender P-bass (I assume it’s a squier level one though it doesn’t say squier on it and I don’t have anther bass to compare to nor sufficient knowledge/experience to probably even be able to tel the difference between a good ‘un and a cheap bass. Yet.) I’m practicing much more with fingers than plectrum as I prefer the sound but am still more proficient with a pick. I only intended to write a couple of sentences. I’m not a lead guitarist ffs. Thanks to the people who bother for running this forum. I can’t wait to read beyond this thread.
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