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  1. Thanks for the pics. I’m in Yorkshire, which complicates things, that’s all...
  2. Hello! Amazed to see that this is still here! Couple of questions then - can we see a shot of the whole fingerboard? No dents or whathaveyou on it? And for those of us who live (far) north of Chingford, would you consider shipping it? Only we're not supposed to be leaving town and all that... Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to justify spending more on an NS right now, but if the credit card gods decline, then I may be back... 🙂 Good luck with the sale regardless!
  4. I had a different Mex vs Vintera experience (admittedly in Dawsons, Manchester, not Wunjo's - who've always been super friendly and 'Have a try'-y when I've been in there) I went in convinced that I wanted a punk-rock none-more-black Precision with MN (and planned to buy a black guard the instant I bought it) and tried the Mexican, then tried a (beige and then surf green!) Vintera and was completely sold on them. Despite the more vintage neck radius and frets etc, the neck just has a chunkier and 'warmer' feel to it. It's more how I expected a Precision to feel/sound. I surprised myself by walking out with the surf green Vintera and I've loved it ever since. Makes me smile every time I put it on and plug in...
  5. That's my thought, but I'll give them another go (with earplugs) and then if it's still insane, I'll take my leave. I do now quite fancy a Zoom H2N though 🙂
  6. Apologies for the zombie thread-bump, but this is exactly what I've been searching for... I've just started playing (rhythm guitar) in a new band, (in between bass jamming...) I had the first rehearsal last week in a dedicated rehearsal room. My last band was always pretty medium in terms of level, but this new lot are off the scale face-melting rock volume. The drummer reckoned he couldn't play any quieter and the other guitarist's rig descended into squeals of feedback between every song until he'd turned the pedals off... Perhaps I've lived a sheltered life, but this was deafening (and my ears were ringing 24 hours after two hours of playing). I'll definitely take my earplugs next time (and I'm kicking myself I didn't have them with me, as I do for all gigs normally...) Anyway, assuming the band aren't going to/can't turn down, and I want to carry on playing (I'm 50/50 to be honest, just because of the sheer volume...) then this is just what I was after. I don't need a mix off the board or anything, I just need what I can normally hear, but quieter and more comfortable than wearing passive Etymotics or other plugs. I have some nice Shures and some Westones that would probably do a decent job for rehearsals at least. Has anyone kept up this method of quieter reality?
  7. Wow. Very avocado! I’ll have a play with some overdrive then. The screwdriver sounds like the old Link Wray trick of slashing your cone with a razor. I’ll leave that one for now. Thanks all.
  8. Hi! Mostly new here - and a guitarist-turned-bassist to boot... sorry! 🙂 I've been a bass lurker for a few years, but I'm trying to step it up and actually get round to learning more stuff than just good ol' blues... Anyway, I'm a big fan of that bright, percussive sound of the Stranglers (and from there on to Simon Gallup of The Cure) and I'm just wondering how best to get that sound. As a guitarist, it's easy enough to plug in a pedal and get 99% there, but the bass is a lot more subtle (or is it?). Is it the right amp? Strings? Bass? Effects? I'm currently playing a Fender Vintera Precision and I have a TC BG250 combo - at modest spare room levels. I can play with a pick or fingers, but I realise that both Gallup and Burnell are plectrummers. So, suggestions please! Thanks for your help.
  9. Yes please! I had a G-System and loved it. It was the size of a radiator though. Something like the Flashback X4 size would be awesome. And less than £500 would be nice...
  10. Inadvertent bump... My Corvette must be from a similar vintage as it has the Wenge/Wenge neck and fingerboard. I heard they were pretty early/rare as they then went to the Ovangkol necks didn't they (or was it Bubinga? Or was that the body? I did used to know better...) Anyway, lovely bass I'm sure! I was going to sell or swap mine, but if there's no love for something this nice, then I might change my mind too. Best of luck!
  11. [quote name='AndyTravis' post='977900' date='Oct 5 2010, 12:40 AM']The SQ Squier is begging me not to let it go.[/quote] If it's any help - the Squier is my favourite of the lot... I love a bit of genuine scuffing. Just trying to justify more basses.
  12. Chipps


    [quote name='jsixties' post='973667' date='Oct 1 2010, 10:35 AM']Glups! You're right, I didn't become aware of that. This is the way that came from Fender. By the way, the bass it's sold pending payment.[/quote] I can see that being part of the 'relic' job. All part of the believable history of an old bass. Things like changed tuners (that are changed for different ones and then the originals changed back) or lost/broken screws are all part of what might have happened to a 50 year old bass.
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